How to Crochet a Flat Pineapple Christmas Tree

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Start Christmas crochet items early.

Start Christmas crochet items early.

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The open-weave pineapple stitch is made from a series of interlocking chains on a base of triple crochet stitches. Blanket and doily patterns featuring the pineapple stitch hold the pineapple shape inside a lace framework. To create a Christmas tree, it is necessary to pull the pineapple shape out of the lacework and make a free-standing frame with the traditional zig-zag edging. The completed piece must be starched, blocked and ironed to keep the shape in place.

Items you will need

  • Crochet hook
  • Green crochet thread
  • Brown crochet thread
  • Clear starch
  • Iron
Step 1

Crochet three chain stitches in brown string. Single crochet in the second stitch from the end, single crochet across, chain one, turn. Make four rows of single crochet in brown. Fasten off by snipping the string and pulling it through the last loop. This is the stem of the tree.

Step 2

Crochet six chain stitches in green, then single crochet in the top corner of the brown stem. Single crochet across the stem, then chain six more stitches for a total of 15 stitches. Chain one, turn the work, single crochet in the base of the chain and single crochet across the green chain.

Step 3

Chain three, turn the work. Skip two stitches, and double crochet in the third stitch, double crochet in the next stitch, chain seven stitches, skip six stitches on the previous row, double chain in the seventh chain, double chain in the next chain, double chain, skip two stitches and double chain in the last chain. Chain three from the top of the last double chain.

Step 4

Turn the work, slip stitch in second chain from the end, single chain in third stitch from the end, double chain in fourth chain. Chain three, skip two, triple chain in corner of chain seven space. Make 11 triple chains in the chain seven space, including the first one, chain three and turn work.

Step 5

Slip stitch, single stitch, double stitch along chain forming branch point. Chain three, single stitch between second and third triple stitch; chain three, skip two stitches, single stitch between fourth and fifth triple stitches; chain three, skip two stitches, single stitch between sixth and seventh triple stitches; chain three, skip two, single stitch between eighth and ninth triple stitches; chain three, skip two, single chain between 10th and 11th triple stitches. Single chain in top of 11th triple stitch, chain three.

Step 6

Turn the work, slip stitch in second stitch from the end, single stitch in next, double stitch in next. Chain three, single stitch in the top of loop. Continue to make three stitch chains and a single stitch in each loop across the central section. You will single chain six times, and produce five new loops. Chain three at the end, turn, and form the branch point as you have been doing.

Step 7

Chain three, single chain in the first loop, and continue in this pattern across five loops, forming four new loops. Make the branch point, work back across the four loops, making three loops. Form the branch point, work across the three loops, making two loops. Form the branch point.

Step 8

Make the tree top. Single stitch in the top of the first loop, chain three, single chain in the last loop. Form the last branch point. Single stitch in green around the edge of the tree body, in brown around the stem.

Step 9

Spray the piece with starch. Pin onto a cushioned ironing board and smooth each part into its correct position. Press with a moderately hot iron.

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