Creative Wrapping Ideas for Bridal Showers

by Adrienne Davis
Include wrapping as part of the bridal shower theme.

Include wrapping as part of the bridal shower theme.

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If you scan the gifts at most bridal showers, you will see a pretty array of colorful gift bags and pretty tissue paper. There's nothing wrong with that since most gift bags are both reusable and biodegradable, making them earth-friendly. But if you want your wrapping skills to stand out, consider personalizing your gift bag. Or, take a different approach by using fabric as gift wrap and nature's bounty as the bow.

Custom-Designed Gift Bag

Rather than purchasing a shiny wedding-themed gift bag, select a plain one that you can decorate yourself. Or perhaps you have a cool paper bag from a trendy store that you've kept in your closet or pantry that you can reuse. Let your inner artist escape by using paint, glitter, glue, stars, buttons or whatever you have on hand. Write the bride's name in swirly letters or paint words such as "love," "romance," "devoted," "wedding" and "forever" all over the bag at different angles and sizes. The bride probably won't be able to reuse the bag, but she will be able to recycle it and no doubt she'll be touched by your effort and creativity.

Beautifully Bridal

Visit a fabric store and search for some pretty fabric to use on its own as gift wrap or to embellish some wrapping paper that you already have. Check the remnant or bridal section for lace to use over top of commercial gift wrap or tissue paper. Buy some 6-inch-wide tulle to use instead of ribbon for the bridal shower gift bow. Depending on the size of the gift you are wrapping, you will need between 7 and 9 yards of tulle.

Striking Gift Display

If you are hosting the bridal shower, make shower gifts part of the bridal shower theme by requesting that attendees wrap their gifts using specific colors. For example, if the bridal theme is black and white, ask everyone to use one or both of those two colors to wrap with. When the gifts are piled high on the gift table, it will make a stunning bridal album photo op.

Shower Gift Toppings

Depending on the season, let nature nurture your creativity. A few pussy willows, pine boughs or beautiful fall leaves turn a nice bow into a stunning one. Ferns and flowers from your garden will last just long enough tucked into your gift to tell the bride that you think she's special.

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