Creative Ways to Ask Someone to a Dance

by Sarah Mollman
Go above and beyond the typical courting style.

Go above and beyond the typical courting style.

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Whether you are searching for a date for a senior prom or a fancy ball, use your creativity to orchestrate a dance proposal that your crush will be unable to refuse. Score big points with your date before the day of dancing even begins.


Incorporate food that relates to the message you wish to send in the delivery of your proposal. You can scatter Swedish Fish gummy candies all over your potential date's bedroom or car and leave a sign that reads, "If fishes were wishes and you had three, would one of them be to go to the dance with me?" Another option is to leave bananas all over her front porch or bedroom along with a note that states, "I would go bananas if you would go to the dance with me."

Spell It Out

Send a clear message to the one you wish to take to a dance by spelling it out in a creative fashion. Hire an airplane to pull an aerial letter banner that displays the question you wish to ask her. Have the plane fly by a location where you know she will be such as a beach or ballpark. Write your message on her driveway in sidewalk chalk. You could also write it down her sidewalk, with one word every 25 feet or so. Make her follow the words to reveal your message.

Public Announcement

If the lucky lady you wish to ask to a dance is not shy in front of a crowd, make your proposal to take her to the dance a public affair. Take her to a sporting event and have her name and the question, "Will you go to the dance with me?" displayed on the JumboTron. Another, slightly less public option is to have her tune into a radio station where the disc jockey makes the announcement for you, or you ask her to the dance during live airtime. You can even take her to a movie and have a short video of you asking her to the dance cut into the movie previews.

Make Her Work

Make your potential date work to figure out what message you are attempting to send her. Fill a baby pool with sand, beach toys and seashells. Attach a note to a beach pail and sand scoop that reads, "I would dig it if you would come to the dance with me." Make her dig through the sand to find an official ticket or invitation to the dance. Another option is to give her a tape recording of various songs. She will have to listen to the entire tape to hear your private message hidden within the music.

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