Creative Invitation Wording for a Slumber Party

by Kimberly Dyke
Write a creative invitation for your sleepover party.

Write a creative invitation for your sleepover party.

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Though there is usually not a lot of sleeping going on at a slumber party, it is certainly a priceless experience for the girls who attend. Get the ball rolling for your slumber party with a catchy invitation that will draw squeals from the girls who open it. Plan on plenty of snacks, a good movie and some funky nail polish and your daughter's slumber party will be a night to remember.

Opening Line

Try to select a theme for your slumber party. Your guests will already be excited when they open the invitations and will happily anticipate the night's events. Possible themes include spa night, karaoke night, fairy tale and dance fever. Anna Murray Invitations suggests beginning the invitation with something like, "You're invited to come and spend the night! We'll have junk food & games & pillow fights!"

Give Details

Naturally, you are going to want your guests to know when the party is so they can get it on their calendar as soon as possible. Include the date and drop-off time on the invitation. Anna Murray Invitations follows with, "The party begins at 6 o'clock, with tons of fun that just won't stop!" Another choice is, "December 9th we celebrate. We hope you'll be there, it will be great!"

What to Bring

List any items that the guests will need to bring with them along with the time their parents need to pick them up the following morning. Write, "Don't forget your swimsuit, favorite nail polish, pillow and a sleeping bag! Tell your mom not to worry, she'll see you again. She can come back to pick you up at ten!"


Finish the invitation with a response request. "Please call to say that you will make it. If you weren't to sleep over, I just couldn't take it!" Write your phone number and email address so that parents can call with any questions they may have.

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