Creating Wedding Party Decorations With a Beach Theme

by Sarah Freeman
Collect your own seashells to use when creating wedding decorations.

Collect your own seashells to use when creating wedding decorations.

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Whether you're hosting a party right on the beach or recreating a seashore feel inland, there are a variety of decorations you can incorporate to create a beach-themed wedding. Think of what features you most enjoy about the beach, such as seashells or crashing waves, and use them as inspiration when decorating your beach-themed wedding.


When creating your beach-themed wedding, use linens to set the ocean-side vibe and incorporate your color scheme. Cover each table with baby blue tablecloths, paired with sea-foam green napkins and ivory-colored table runners. Tie white tulle bows around each chair. Drape the ceiling with fabric, too, by streaming large sheets of blue tulle overhead. These details will bring out the colors of the wedding, while also making guests feel like they're splashing by the shore.


Centerpieces provide table decorations to carry the beach theme. To ensure these designs don't obstruct the view of guests sitting across the table from each other, select short vases or ones that are tall and skinny. Fill the vases with a bouquet of tropical flowers, such as bird of paradise. Or, forget flowers altogether and fill the vases with sand and decorative seashells. You can also create a simple but romantic centerpiece by filling a vase with blue-colored stones and water and placing a floating candle on top.


Keep the beach theme going by decorating the rest of the room or venue. Hang fishermen's nets from otherwise-boring walls, and further decorate the nets by placing seashells, anchors and other beach items on them. Also, fill wooden boxes with sand and place seashells or even a treasure chest inside; place the boxes around the room. Find some circular-shaped paper lanterns in white or light blue and string them along the walls of the venue for a beach feel.


Impress guests by featuring small, beach-themed decorations and accessories in the day's festivities. For example, do away with a traditional bride and groom cake topper and instead create a seashell display on top of the dessert. Design a dinner menu shaped like a wave. Use guest table card holders shaped like fish. Blow up white or blue balloons, too, and scatter them across the dance floor. When guests dance, these balloons will be kicked and float around to look like ocean waves.

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