How to Create a T-Shirt for a School Dance Group

by Nora Zavalczki
Add a photo of your school's dance group or its mascot toT-shirts you create.

Add a photo of your school's dance group or its mascot toT-shirts you create.

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Your school's dance group may need a T-shirt for competitions to set itself apart from other teams. But even if you don't take part in competitions, having a T-shirt for your dance group is nice for the members and helps create a group identity. It's easy and cost effective to design T-shirts yourself and have them screen-printed. Find websites that allow you to customize shirts and create your designs online before making an order.

Items you will need

  • T-shirts
  • Printer or online T-shirt store
  • Digital picture
  • Photo editing program
  • Credit card
Step 1

Brainstorm ideas with your dance group. Note all ideas that come to mind when thinking about a customized T-shirt for your team. The T-shirt may contain a picture of your group or a more abstract image, a school logo or mascot, or simply the name of your group and a quote.

Step 2

Research T-shirt ideas for dance groups online. Look for local printers that make custom T-shirts, or locate online T-shirt stores.

Step 3

Filter the best ideas from your brainstorming session and your online research into a top-five list of the best ideas. Vote on the design for the shirt.

Step 4

Sketch the shirt. If you want to include a picture or design, prepare it using a photo-editing program. The printing company may tweak the photo or design, if needed.

Step 5

Visit a printing company in your area and order the shirts, giving them all the details on the colors, sizes and the design. Alternatively, create an account on an online T-shirt store and customize the shirt before making an order.

Step 6

Verify the details of your order with the printing company. Most printing companies or online stores provide you with a virtual image of what your T-shirt will look like before you confirm your order.

Tips & Warnings

  • Organize a photo session with the members of the group for pictures to include on the front or back of your shirt. Alternatively, use pictures of the group from previous dance performances.
  • Include your group's logo and name underneath the design, in the front or on the back of the T-shirts.
  • Ordering multiple T-shirts can reduce the cost per item, so ask for discounts if you're ordering more than 12 shirts.
  • For a more distinguished look, opt for embroidered T-shirts. These are costlier than screen-printed ones.
  • A less-expensive option is to buy plain T-shirts and write or draw on them using a fabric marker or iron-ons.
  • If you are under 18 years old, you may not be eligible to create an online account, so ask a teacher or a parent to help you.

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