How to Create a Pinochle Deck

by Colby Stream
These five are the cards required to have a

These five are the cards required to have a "Family" in Pinochle.

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Pinochle is a card game that requires at least four people, each paired with a partner who sit across from each other. Everyone receives 12 cards, then each person bids as to how many points he thinks his cards can bring. Pinochle decks, however, are smaller than standard decks because they only use cards 9 through Ace, with the Ace being the highest. If you don't own a Pinochle deck, you can modify standard decks to create your own.

Items you will need

  • 2 standard card decks
Step 1

Buy two standard card decks. Purchase the exact same deck so that the fronts and backs match. This not only makes it easier to combine the decks, but allows all the cards to fit in without distraction during the game.

Step 2

Remove all cards below "9" from the decks. This means that you should be removing cards 2 through 8. You won't need these. You can throw them out or use them for something else. Leave the Ace card, since it will be used during the game.

Step 3

Combine the two modified decks. Shuffle them well to ensure the cards are random. Although there's no standard recommendation for how long you should shuffle a new deck, somewhere between eight to 12 shuffles is probably sufficient.

Tips & Warnings

  • Combine four standard decks, instead of two, to create a double-deck pinochle deck.

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