How to Create Games With Fairies

by Kent Page McGroarty
Help children look for fairy wands and accessories.

Help children look for fairy wands and accessories.

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Fairies are creatures of myth and legend that fascinate people of all ages. Create your own games featuring fairies for birthday parties, games at school and other special events, or simply as an afternoon game that helps inspire your children's imaginations. Turn your backyard or rented park space into a fairy hollow full of fairy treasures or instruct players to come up with their own version of what they think a fairy should look like. The only limitations with creating fairy games is how creative you want to be and access to resources.

Items you will need

  • Fairy wands
  • Glitter
  • Lace and tulle fabric pieces
  • Fairy costume wings
  • Scissors
  • Card stock
  • Glitter glue
  • Fairy stickers
  • Fairy dolls
  • Fairy costume pieces
  • Table
  • Glitter makeup
  • Glittery bracelets and accessories
  • Pointed costume ears
  • False eyelashes
  • Timer
  • Gift basket

Fairy Treasure Hunt

Step 1

Hide "fairy items" throughout your backyard, such as wands, pixie dust (pots of glitter), bits of lace and tulle for fairy clothing and costume wings.

Step 2

Write treasure hunt clues on pieces of card stock. Each clue should describe the area where the object is hidden. Write the clue in the form of a riddle or rhyming poem, and decorate each clue with fairy stickers and glitter glue. Create two sets of clues for two teams.

Step 3

Place the clues with the objects; save the first clue. Give the first clue to the players, which they will use to find an object. The first object will include the clue for the next object. Each clue should be "one ahead" of the object it is found with.

Step 4

Create an "end game" area comprised of assorted fairy dolls and fairy costumes. Instruct players on how to play the treasure hunt game. Each team has their own set of clues; whichever team finds all their game pieces first and finds the end game area wins.

Fairy Dress Up

Step 1

Set out items on a table for playing fairy dress up. Items can include assorted fairy costumes, costume wings, glitter makeup, wands, glittery bracelets and bangles, pointed costume ears, false eyelashes in assorted colors and any other accessories you find suitable.

Step 2

Assign two teams of three to five people each. Pick one team member each as the "fairy model" and the others as the "fairy stylists."

Step 3

Explain the rules of the game; whichever team dresses their fairy the fastest in the time allotted wins. Each team should have a certain number of items they must use to dress their fairy, including wings, wands, makeup and accessories, and fairy tops and skirts.

Step 4

Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes. Award gift baskets full of "fairy prizes" -- such as dolls, wands and glitter makeup -- to the winner. Allow both teams to keep the items they used to create their fairy models so everyone walks away with a prize.

Tips & Warnings

  • For your fairy dress up game, award a prize based on creativity.
  • Dollar and party supply stores are good resources for stocking up on fairy accessories such as wands and glitter.

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