How to Create a Fish-Themed Party

by Penny Morris
Enjoy a tropical event for all ages with a fish-themed party.

Enjoy a tropical event for all ages with a fish-themed party.

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A fish theme can add whimsy to any party, whether it's a child's birthday or an adult get-together. There are many decorating supplies to be found at party stores, thrift shops and liquor stores. You can also make your own decorations by cutting fish from blank paper and decorating as you choose. The age of the guests will determine which direction you take your party. Stick with fanciful colored decorations for children's parties, and add fish-themed alcoholic beverages to an adult gathering.

Items you will need

  • Invitations
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Streamers
  • Party favors
  • Swedish fish
  • Punch bowl
Step 1

Set a spending limit. There are many decorating options available in a fish theme, and setting a budget will keep you from going overboard. Keep a list of supplies and stick to it.

Step 2

Utilize your space. Determine in advance where to put the refreshments, where people will gather and where presents will be opened. Rearrange furniture if needed to create an open "fish bowl" area for mingling or games.

Step 3

Coordinate your decorations, games and refreshments. Use a similar color scheme to tie the different elements together. Stick to either tropical-colored fish or freshwater fish decorations.

Step 4

Keep food and drinks on theme. Use a large, round fish bowl as a bowl for either alcoholic or nonalcoholic punch. Float Swedish Fish in the punch as an added treat. Serve Goldfish crackers, fish-shaped cake or other fishy appetizers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Blue streamers can create the illusion of water. Hang fish cutouts in front of the streamers to create an underwater effect.
  • Children's games such as "pin the fin on the fish" can be turned into adult games by adding obstacles to increase difficulty or by adding alcohol.
  • Avoid giving live fish as party favors. Buying supplies creates an expense for your guests, and bagged goldfish have a short lifespan.

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