How to Create a Fairy Birthday Party

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Use costume fairy wings to decorate the backs of your chairs.

Use costume fairy wings to decorate the backs of your chairs.

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Fairies make an appropriate theme for a young child's birthday party. Because of the popularity of this visual motif, many types of decorations are available. These include not only items for table and wall decorations, but party favors as well. When planning a fairy theme birthday party, take the time to familiarize yourself with the possible items available to you. This ensures you'll capture a good dose of fairy magic at your birthday party.

Items you will need

  • Fairy greeting cards
  • Tablecloth
  • Metallic confetti
  • Chopsticks
  • Ribbon
  • Fairy paper plates
  • Fairy napkins
  • Costume fairy wings
  • Cascading flower centerpiece
  • Fairy vinyl wall stickers
  • Potted plant
  • Fairy garden accessories
Step 1

Get some fairy inspiration. Buy greeting cards with fairy themes. These will provide you with color schemes for the party and with some of the visual motifs. For example, a fairy greeting card might feature fairies dressed in purple or apricot-colored dresses. Buy enough cards so that you have one to give to each guest plus a few extras.

Step 2

Choose fairy colors for your party. Look through your cards and pick your favorite color scheme. Use these as the colors for your accessories.

Step 3

Lay down a tablecloth in one of your fairy colors. This is the party table where you'll eat cake and ice cream.

Step 4

Sprinkle colored metallic confetti on the table before you set it. Look for confetti shaped like little stars.

Step 5

Wind strands of glittery ribbon around chopstick sets to make fairy wands. Position them at each place setting. Tie bows at the pointed end of the stick; these will look like fairy wings. Make the bows fluffy.

Step 6

Set the table with paper plates and napkins with a fairy design printed on them. Place them next to your fairy wands.

Step 7

Tie large silky ribbons around the back of each chair and attach a set of costume fairy wings to the back of the chair; choose these based on your fairy colors.

Step 8

Get a bouquet of cascading flowers and greenery for the centerpiece. Select the flowers for the centerpiece based on the flowers on your greeting cards.

Step 9

Hang vinyl fairy stickers on the wall near the table.

Step 10

Set up a table underneath the fairy stickers. Use this as a foundation on which you'll place a fairy garden indoors. Fairy gardens are a popular addition to many outdoor gardens and include many miniature fairy figurines and accessories. This smaller table will be in close proximity to the table where everyone will eat cake and ice cream.

Step 11

Set a potted plant on a table, making sure that the pot is large enough for your fairies. Position the garden fairy figurines in and around the potted plant. Add ceramic mushrooms and hang stained glass hangers that feature fairy motifs. You can buy the items for the fairy garden online or in home and garden sections of stores.

Step 12

Place the gifts around the foot of the table.

Step 13

Make fairy party favors using collectible fairies, which you'll find in specialty shops and online. Put the fairies in gift bags. Stuff them with tissue paper. Insert the collectible fairy inside the bag. Attach one of your fairy cards to the bag and write quotes about fairies inside using a gold or silver metallic pen.

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