How to Create an Example of a Piano Recital Program

by Steven J. Miller
Preparing a sample recital program requires knowledge of each piece.

Preparing a sample recital program requires knowledge of each piece.

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Piano recital programs require several elements that must be included for them to be complete. Creating a piano recital program involves setting up the program to include the information needed by the audience to obtain information about each piece. Giving the audience a context for listening and letting them know what to expect helps provide the listener with an enjoyable and edifying experience. Create a program as if you were putting on a concert and then let other performers use it as an example to create their own programs.

Items you will need

  • Paper
Step 1

Write a sample title on the front of the program. Decide on whether you want a single-sheet program or a booklet. If it is a single-sheet program, place the title of the recital at the top along with the recital date, time and location. If it is a booklet, put the information on the front page, along with an appropriate picture.

Step 2

Create a list of compositions on the first page of the booklet or directly beneath the title on a single-sheet program. The title of each piece, its composer and the composer's birth and death dates should appear on the same line. Below the title you should include any performers involved in performing the works.

Step 3

Provide the listener with some background on the composers whose works are featured in the recital. One paragraph discussing each piece, in terms of the circumstances of its composition, its structure and its notable characteristics, is all you need to write. On a single-sheet program, include this information at the bottom of the page. With a booklet, place this information on an inside page.

Tips & Warnings

  • For multi-movement works, place each movement on a separate line, indented, to show its relationship to the original title.
  • If you will not use an entire piece, use the word "From" before the title and write the title of the movement that will be played.

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