How to Create Dance Award Certificates

by Nicole Schmoll
Learn how to customize a certificate for dance achievement.

Learn how to customize a certificate for dance achievement.

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If you are the teacher of a dance class or the parent of a child in a dance class, simple paper certificates are an easy way to recognize a child or student's achievement in learning a particular style of dance. Certificates are easy to create but leave a lasting impression on students who feel rewarded for their effort and perseverance. Create a basic template on your computer that you can personalize with students' names and completion levels or achievements over time.

Items you will need

  • Computer with word processing or graphic arts software program
  • Printer
Step 1

Open a new document on a word processing or graphic arts software program. Under "new" click "templates." Search through the standard templates that programs like Microsoft Word, Pages and In Design provide. Look for the "award certificate" template option and select it. Choose a design you like from the available templates.

Step 2

Customize the template with a dance icon. Search within the clip art files of your word processing or graphic arts program or on the Internet for a clip art image of a ballet, tap, jazz or modern dance silhouette. Try for free stock images if you have trouble finding one that you want to add to your certificate. Insert the image into the background of your certificate.

Step 3

Customize the certificate with a title such as, "Certificate of Achievement," or "Certificate of Completion," or "In Recognition of Outstanding Achievement in Dance." Insert the student's name where indicated on your template. Beneath the name, customize the certificate to acknowledge what the student has achieved by writing "has earned this certificate for," "best performance," or "completion of level 2 ballet." Complete the certificate with the studio or school name, instructor's name and month and year.

Step 4

Print the certificates on colored, dance-themed or watermarked award-style, off-white paper. Distribute awards to students or to your child on the last day of class.

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