How to Create a Blue Man Group Costume

by Anne Davis
Blue paint is an essential component of a Blue Man Group costume.

Blue paint is an essential component of a Blue Man Group costume.

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Blue Man Group is self-identified as a creative organization that is dedicated to providing experiences for audiences that generate excitement. One of the most characteristic features of this artistic group is their appearance: blue bodies and entirely black clothing. Although it takes the Blue Man Group about an hour to complete their look before a show, it's not a very complicated procedure, and creating the look for yourself would make you stand out at any costume party.

Items you will need

  • Blue swimming cap
  • Blue face paint
  • Blue latex gloves
  • Black shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
Step 1

Clean your face of any dirt and oils so that your face paint will stick better.

Step 2

Don your black clothing. Putting the clothing on first will prevent you from smudging your makeup, as might happen if you attempt to pull a shirt over your already-painted face.

Step 3

Put on the blue swimming cap. Members of the Blue Man Group are bald on top or wear bald caps; hide your hair completely to create a complete look. Using a blue swimming cap instead of a bald cap prevents you from having to paint the entire bald cap (although you can also use a bald cap and paint it blue yourself).

Step 4

Cover the exposed parts of your neck face, and head with blue face paint. Start at the top and work your way down, working the blue paint into the creases of your face and neck. Get some help with the back to ensure that you cover all exposed parts of your neck. Continue the blue paint a bit under your clothing so that no natural skin is exposed if your clothing shifts. For a more authentic look, use grease paint, which is what the Blue Man Group members themselves use.

Step 5

Put on blue latex gloves or paint your hands entirely blue using the blue face paint.

Tips & Warnings

  • Verify that your face paint is free of toxins, which can make you sick if you wear them for too long.
  • Avoid getting paint in your eyes, nose, ears and mouth.
  • Wash the paint off thoroughly before going to bed that night. It's bad for your skin if you leave it on overnight.

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