Crazy College Party Themes

by Christina Schnell
Choose themes with ongoing games to keep the party interesting.

Choose themes with ongoing games to keep the party interesting.

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College is a time for making lifelong friendships, advancing your education -- and partying in style. Spice up your next party by applying one of several outrageous themes to your festivities. Choose a theme that fits your comfort level and the comfort level of those attending. In other words, don't host a "No Shirts, No Shoes" party if avoiding nudity is a priority.

"No Clothing" Party

Despite the theme name, your guests should not expect to arrive completely naked. A "no clothing" party encourages creative apparel of every material type except clothing. Emphasize on the invite that "no clothing" does not mean naked, to avoid confusion or embarrassing incidents. Tape, aluminum foil, towels, bed linens and colored plastic wrap are all fair game. Keep some extra tape and staples on hand in case your best friend's costume accidentally splits open while dancing.

Fire and Ice

Several variations of the "fire and ice" party exist, so tailor this theme to meet your needs. Start by decorating your party space with a few creatively sculpted ice sculptures or oversized ice cubes on trays. Place a large pan or plastic bag beneath the ice to catch the melting liquid. Guests dress as characters of either glittering ice or sultry fire. Add ambiance by decorating your party space with dangling cutouts of flames and icicles.

Stoplight Party

At a stoplight party, guests communicate relationship status by wearing a red, yellow or green shirt. Red indicates the person is in a committed relationship. Yellow means a relationship with someone is complicated or in limbo. Green means the wearer is a fully available single. Stop the music periodically throughout the night and require guests to match up with someone else wearing the same color shirt. You can also minimize the drama by eliminating the yellow option and making the party a "stop-and-go" event.

Hawaiian Night Party

"Hawaiian Night" is an outdoors-friendly theme that works well in the spring months or during warm weather. Set up electric tiki torches around the perimeter of your party, where guests should don their best luau garb. Hawaiian shirts, flip-flops and grass skirts are apparel staples for a Hawaiian party. Add to the festivities by roasting a pig or grilling over a fire pit and decorating the bar with dried grass. Avoid a dangerous situation, and a visit from the fire department, by assigning all fire-pit-related responsibilities to a designated knowledgeable person.

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