Craftsmen's Classic Craft Show in Richmond, VA

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The Craftsmen's Classic is nationally recognized as a

The Craftsmen's Classic is nationally recognized as a "best show" for artisan exhibits.

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The Craftsmen's Classic show was founded in 1967 by Clyde Gilmore of Greensboro, North Carolina. Gilmore's family made jewelry, and Gilmore wanted to improve the industry of local artisans by organizing a nationwide network of artists and craftsmen to travel around to display and sell original works. The Craftsmen's Classic Arts & Crafts Festival is an annual event in 10 cities throughout Virginia and the Carolinas.

Event Basics

The Richmond, Virginia Craftsmen's Classic show is an annual event typically scheduled in February or March over a three-day weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Tickets may be purchased in advance or at the door. Admission is valid all three days of the show. The event takes place at the Richmond Raceway Complex.

Displays and Demonstrations

The show features the original designs and handiwork of hundreds of artisans, local and national. Also offered are many exhibitor demonstrations, where patrons can witness the process and techniques used to make such creations. Some of the categories of exhibits include blown glass, calligraphy, carvings, clothing, decorative painting, fine art, flowers, folk art, furniture, jewelry, leather, metal work, photography, pottery, quilting, stained glass, weaving and wood.


Interested exhibitors may rent space for the event. Purchase a single booth for a standard fee or a corner booth for an additional fee. There is also an extra charge for electrical access, but booth accessories, such as tables, chairs, carpet and drapes, are provided on a limited basis. Exhibitors are responsible for arranging an attractive and finished booth display. They are also responsible for collecting and paying all county and state sales tax.


The Richmond Raceway Complex has a campground area that contains 179 full hookups and 54 self-contained RV spaces. Restrooms or bath facilities are not available. Craft show patrons and exhibitors may rent camping space for the event. Call the Richmond Raceway Complex (804-228-7500) for details and reservations.

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