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Acrylic Techniques on Canvas

Acrylic paints are versatile but they dry faster than oils, so the artist must work quickly when blending colors on canvas. Acrylics can be diluted with water, so an artist can get good coverage on canvas using flat blocks of color or by building layers. Acrylic paints can be used on both primed and raw canvas. A primed canvas has been coated with a primer, such as gesso. A raw canvas has not been primed and will allow the texture of the cloth to show through thin layers of paint.

Aluminum Foil Crown Craft

In fairy tales, queens, kings, princesses and princes wear crowns. The image of a crown is that it glitters with silver or gold and jewels. While real silver and gold aren't going to be available for the play crowns worn by your little prince and princess, you can make silver crowns using aluminum foil.

Angel Magnets Made Out of Ribbon

While planning your gift-giving list for the holidays, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of how much money you could end up spending on gifts. One alternative is to make small token gifts by hand, such as ribbon angel magnets, using a few inexpensive materials that can be purchased at an arts and crafts store. These ribbon angel magnets will be just as meaningful as expensive, store-bought gifts, but will not cause you to overspend during the holidays.

How to Apply Paint

Proper preparation and painting technique will give you a professional-looking finish. Before you start painting, cover any furniture and flooring in the room to protect them from paint splatters. Choose the type of paint carefully. Latex is most common for indoor use now because it is washable, has minimal fumes and is easy to work with. Oil-based paints may be slightly more durable but have strong fumes and spills are more difficult to clean.

Archeology Craft Ideas

Archeology is the study of ancient people, fossils, and the animals and plants that have impacted human cultures. Archeologists discover the history of the world and how it has changed over thousands and millions of years. Many children are fascinated with the world of archeology. One way to foster a child's interest in the science is to include archeology-themed crafts in a unit of study on archeology. These crafts will help children learn about what archeologists actually do to research the world's past.

How to Attach Ornaments to a Homemade Plastic Bag Wreath

Homemade plastic wreaths are often created by folding sandwich bags in half and tying them around a wire frame. Adding ornaments to the wreath enhances the decoration by adding color and texture to the design. Whether you purchase the ornaments or use homemade ornaments to give the wreath decorative appeal, hanging the ornaments in the correct way ensures they do not fall off the decor and break.

Baby Shower Etiquette for Floral Arrangements

Generally, the rules of etiquette for a baby shower call for floral centerpieces that exhibit childlike whimsy and a delicate nature to represent the fragility and preciousness of newborns. It's important to note that when choosing floral arrangements, choose flowers that are not overly fragrant, as a mother-to-be's sense of smell can be extra sensitive during pregnancy.

Backstage Pass Craft for Kids

Kids who like music or who are fans of young music stars may enjoy a backstage pass craft project. This type of craft offers a great deal of flexibility in how kids use it. They can create a simple or complex design for the backstage pass, making it an appropriate craft for kids with many different skill levels.

About Bamboo Scroll Painting

Bamboo scroll painting is a traditional art form of ink painting that has been practiced in many Asian cultures for thousands of years. The subjects of these paintings are simplified to emphasize and capture their spirit or essence. The images of the natural world found in bamboo scroll paintings have religious, spiritual, mythological and historical significance. They are meant to unify the viewer with the painting, to connect them with the beauty or the reality in the artwork in a way that feels almost tangible.

How to Bead a Butterfly

Beaded animals and insects can be made into beautiful key chains, belt clips or zipper pulls. Pony beads are strung onto craft lace and weaved within each other to create patterns. Different colored beads within the patterns create artwork that resembles animals. Beading a butterfly is a simple project, ideal for someone learning to create beaded animal patterns. Customize the colors of your butterfly by adding different colored beads while you weave the craft lace.

Bee Resin Craft

The bee is an animal that has been useful to humans for thousands of years due to the substances it makes: honey and wax. Because it is usually regarded positively, is found around flowers and is brightly colored itself, many people enjoy bees and bee-shaped items. Make your own bees from resin, which is a type of plastic that is easy to cast into many shapes. There are many ways to make a resin bee to suit your tastes.

Big Rainbow Craft

Rainbow crafts provide children an entertaining and educational look into the arch of colors formed in the sky. If you are teaching your class about beautiful rainbows, allow them to work together to create big rainbow crafts you can display in the classroom throughout the year. Big rainbow crafts give the children a chance to build social skills, develop hand-to-eye coordination and learn how to work together.

Bird Feeding Crafts for Kids

Bird feeding crafts are a great way to introduce kids to nature. Encourage them to look for local bird species and help them name the birds they see. Bird feeder crafts teach kids about the importance of the environment and ecosystems. They also remind children to replenish the earth and respect animals.

How to Bleach Sand Dollars

The exoskeletons of sand dollars can be found washed up on beaches along the American coasts. These familiar shells are white, 3-inch-round objects with a beautiful five-pointed star shape on the top of the shell. While alive, sand dollars are covered in small, dark purple spines which help them move along the ocean floor and stir up food like crab larvae, which sand dollars eat. While they are alive, their well-known five-pointed stars are hidden by the spines. Sometimes, sand dollars are off-white or brown from lying on the beach. A bleach-water solution can whiten up a sand dollar for display.

How to Bleach a Shell

If you're interested in selling the shells you own or you just want to preserve the ones you have, you should clean them thoroughly. Soap and water might remove some of the dirt and grime on the shells, but only a process that involves bleach will remove all of the shells' impurities. After the shells have been properly cleaned, you might be surprised by how much detail you've been able to reveal.

Body Tracing Craft

Provide a variety of body tracing crafts for your children or students. Preschoolers through older grades can participate in this kid-involved type of project. Use body tracing for motor skills practice with younger children, science and reading activities for older ones, and creative projects for all ages. Use kids' outlines for inexpensive paper crafts or for outdoor activities.

Bonfire Crafts for Kids

People build bonfires to burn trash, to celebrate holidays such as Guy Fawkes Day (a U.K. holiday) or the Fourth of July, and to socialize with friends and family. Roast marshmallows, cook hotdogs, make s'mores, or build crafts at a bonfire party. If the weather is not cooperating to hold a real bonfire, or to prepare for certain holidays, create bonfire crafts.

How to Box Braid Craft Lace for Beginners

Learning to work with craft lace may look difficult to a beginner. Once you begin learning the steps, however, even those with no experience find themselves amazed at the ease of the most basic stitches. The box stitch or square stitch, easiest to learn of all the stitches, will create professional looking lanyards and key chains that you might give as gifts. Once you have learned the basic box stitch, other stitches come easily, and before long you will find yourself making a great variety of goodies for yourself, friends and family.

How to Braid Gimp

Making crafts from gimp is a childhood memory that many individuals treasure. Also referred to as plastic lace, gimp is a craft material that comes in many colors. Children of all ages can weave lengths of gimp together to create various projects, such as jewelry and lanyards. One way to use gimp is to braid it; while there are many types of braids, the basic three-strand braid is an ideal starting place. The results are attractive and make thoughtful homemade gifts.