Crafts for Robin Hood Hats

by Tiffany Ameh

The character of Robin Hood has become a well-known hero and the regular inspiration for homemade play and Halloween costumes. His iconic green hat is well-recognized and often imitated as a craft project for its simplicity and association with the swashbuckling hero of Sherwood forest.

Paper Hat

Create a paper Robin Hood hat the same way you would a newspaper hat. Take a sheet of green construction hat and fold it in half widthwise (taco style). Fold again to make a crease in the center. Lay the paper widthwise and fold the top edges of the paper down to the crease of the paper. Crease the new diagonal edges. Fold the bottom edge of the paper up so it overlaps the two triangles. Flip the paper over and fold that bottom edge up. Cut the tip of the hat off and glue the opening closed. Open the hat so that it fits on your head and then glue it all in place. Glue a paper or real feather to the inside of the hat brim.

Sewn Fabric Hat

Cut out a half circle of fabric with the edge about 22 inches across. The hat will be 10 or 11 inches wide when completed, so if the hat is for a child, make it smaller. Fold the half circle in half to make a quarter circle. Sew the straight edges together using a sewing machine. Turn the quarter circle inside out and fold the edges up to make a hat brim. Glue the brim in place, along with a red feather.

Felt Hat

To make a Robin Hood felt hat, fold a green piece of felt the same way you would to make the paper hat. Then use a hot glue gun to hold the hat in place, along with the red feather.

Robin Hood Costume

To complete the Robin Hood costume, add a pair of green leggings or tights, along with a green tunic with a brown scarf or sash tied at the waist. You can also add a simple brown vest if you like. As for footwear, use actual boots, or costume boot covers. Stick a costume sword in the sash belt to complete the look. A costume bow and arrow would also make a good addition.

About the Author

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