Crafts for Moms

by Jessica Purchiaroni
Homemade crafts show mom how much you love her.

Homemade crafts show mom how much you love her.

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There is nothing that pleases mom more than getting a homemade craft from her son or daughter. Handcrafted cards, gifts and trinkets remind her of her child's love and can mean more than any gift you would find in the store while costing a lot less. Ask mom to help out in making the crafts -- or better yet, go ahead and surprise her.

Photo Button Bracelet

Choose six to seven photos small enough to fit on buttons. It is a good idea to select snapshots with faces so you can cut out the face portion. Trim a piece of elastic about 2 inches longer than you would like the completed bracelet to be. Weave the elastic through the two holes in the center of the first button by putting it through one hole, then back up and out the other. Repeat this until you have lined the elastic with buttons. Leave an extra inch of elastic on each end of the bracelet. Cut out the faces from the photos you selected and glue them to the buttons. Decorate the edges with paint and glitter if you would like. Tie the ends of the bracelet together and trim off any excess elastic.

Heart-Shaped Book

Trace and cut out a paper heart from a red piece of construction paper. Roughly 6 inches across is a good size. Use the same template to trace and cut out 10 to 20 more hearts using white sheets of printer paper. Stack the hearts in groups of five, and fold each bunch down the middle. Poke holes down the center folds at ½-inch intervals. Young children will need help from an adult in using the tapestry needle. Thread the needle with yarn. Knot one end and sew it through the holes. Finish with a knot at the other end. Decorate the cover using markers, glitter and stickers. Let mom use the book for notes of her own, or fill them in with a story just for her.

Napkin Rings

Cut empty paper towel tubes into 1 1/4-inch rings. Have an adult use a glue gun to attach beans all around the ring. It is up to the kids to determine the decorative pattern mom would like. Use at least four varieties of beans to create unique napkin rings.

Dishtowel Handprints

Use a paintbrush to coat your child's palms in fabric paint. Press the painted hands onto a solid colored dishtowel. Write names and dates on the towel using a fabric pen. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to heat-set the paint.

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