Crafts for Kids With Contact Paper & Mosaic Tiles

by Taylor DiVico
Mosaic projects allow kids to create objects and color patterns.

Mosaic projects allow kids to create objects and color patterns.

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Keeping your child content for long periods of time with craft projects that combine spatial reasoning with artistic creativity makes the difference between an entertaining hands-on project and a boring sit-down task. Crafts that implement contact paper and mosaic tiles consist of few materials and a colorful end product that kids can accomplish without parental or teacher assistance. Such advantages allow for kid-centered party or classroom projects.

Math Geometry Mosaics

Integrating craft projects with educational topics allows children to apply creativity and knowledge. The geometric pattern of square units on contact paper lends itself to reinforcing math concepts of perimeter and area. Kids can glue square mosaic tiles to the backing of contact paper, lining the tiles up with the square units on the grid to create various sizes and colors of squares and rectangles. Students can apply the perimeter formula of adding up all sides of the figures for a sum and can use the area formula of multiplying the length and width to find a product. Kids can glue mosaic tiles next to each shape to show formulas, math work and measurements or can write information on index cards, gluing the index cards next to the corresponding shapes. This makes for a fun culminating activity and enhances a bulletin board display.

Artistic Mosaic Animals

Contact paper and mosaic tiles offer a ready-made art project for children. Kids can trace a die cut or draw a free-hand animal of interest onto one side of the contact paper, cutting the animal out once finished drawing it. Children then peel the adhesive backing off and flatten out the cutout, using pencils or cups in the corners to prevent the contact paper from curling and sticking to itself. Kids can fill in the animal by sticking mosaic tiles to the adhesive, creating facial and color details with the tiles. Kids may use reference points such as cartoon characters or real-life pictures to create their version of the animal. This activity can be used solely as an art project or in conjunction with a science report of gathered facts on the specific animal.

Recycled Mosaic Boxes

Kids can practice recycling and decorating by saving old shoe boxes and covering them with contact paper and mosaic titles to create a new use such as a jewelry or keepsake box. Children can measure, fit, cut and glue the non-adhesive side of the contact paper so that it covers all interior and exterior sides of the box before peeling the adhesive backing off one side at a time. Children can create a pattern or picture by sticking different colors of mosaic tiles onto the adhesive. The end result is a reusable and dazzling box that can be given as a personalized and budget-friendly birthday gift to a friend or family member or kept by the craftsman.

Mosaic Bracelets

Using contact paper to make jewelry offers a simple craft task without the need for clasps and wiring. Kids can cut the contact paper into strips of their desired width and measure the strip around their arm for length. Upon removing the adhesive side, children can stick mosaic tiles onto the strips, filling in the width and leaving 1 inch on both ends to stick together, forming the bracelet.

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