Crafts for a 9-Year-Old Girl's Party

by Nicole Brown
Pick individual or group craft projects.

Pick individual or group craft projects.

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Plan a few craft projects for your 9-year-old's next birthday or other party celebration. Crafts will keep girls entertained and they will love to have something to take home and remember the day with. When thinking of a suitable project, keep in mind all things girly -- fashion, jewelry and art. Any craft with these themes is sure to be a winner.

Tie Dye It

Girls will have a blast making groovy tie-dyed shirts, blankets or clothing items. Purchase a selection of white shirts, socks, soft canvas bags and white sheets so girls have choices of what they want to tie dye. Set out a selection of dyes in bowls and let girls go wild with dipping their fabric choices in a rainbow of colors. You will also need rubber bands to tie around the fabric, which creates the lines, spirals and patterns with the dye. After letting the dye set and washing out the excess, each girl will have a special item to take home.

Lip Gloss

For a dress-up or makeup-themed party include a homemade lip gloss craft. There are a number of ways to make lip gloss but the easiest way is by using Vaseline as the base. Give the girls different flavor options such as chocolate (cocoa powder) vanilla (vanilla extract) or strawberry and raspberry (flavored drink mix). Heat up the Vaseline in the microwave, add in the flavor choice and mix well. Add in glitter for sparkly lip gloss. Use recycled tin gum or mint containers or purchase small jars at a craft store to put the lip gloss in.

DIY Jewelry

Have a jewelry-making party so girls can make necklaces, bracelets and earrings to their hearts content. They can make their own beads with modeling clay that hardens when it dries and can be strung on craft wire or fishing line. Provide them with paper clips, buttons and other recycled materials to create original, recycled jewelry that is environmentally-friendly. Pony beads come in a rainbow of colors and are inexpensive to create patterned necklaces and bracelets. Let them create edible jewelry with O-shaped cereal, candy and pasta.

Craft Boxes

Purchase various sizes of wooden craft boxes for girls to decorate; they can store their favorite pens, paint brushes or jewelry in them or use it as a treasure box for their special keepsakes. Purchase wooden boxes that are unfinished so girls can paint them or finished boxes they can decorate with stickers, beads and other decorative items. Provide them with magazines so they can cut out pictures and letters to add their name to the box. Use decoupage or varnish to keep their designs intact.

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