A Craft for Headstone Decorations

by Crystal Bonser

Headstone decorations are usually placed on the top of a headstone as a funeral arrangement, to honor a significant date or as an offering to the deceased. Although headstone decorations can be pricey, they don't need to be. You can make one yourself that is far more sentimental than anything you could buy in a store.

Floral Foam

A large chunk of floral foam, the same height and width as the headstone, can be used for the base of your decoration to hold flowers and filler in place. If you plan on using real flowers, you'll need water-retaining floral foam which holds water without it dripping everywhere. If you plan on using artificial flowers, opt for brown floral foam which is significantly stiffer.


Decorating a headstone with photos of the deceased is a sentimental gesture. You can attach photos to your decoration by punching a hole through the top of each photo, then tying one end of a long ribbon to the hole in the photo and the other end to a Popsicle stick broken in half. The Popsicle sticks can then be pushed into the floral foam as an anchor. For more dimension, make each ribbon a different length, but have at least a few of the ribbons long enough to allow the photos to drape down the sides of the headstone. You might also want to place the photos in plastic photo sleeves to protect them from the elements.


Flowers are commonly brought to funerals and cemeteries, and used in various headstone decorations. Because of the wide range of flowers in existence, they allow for a lot of creativity and personalization on your part. If you want the headstone decoration to be long lasting, you will need to use artificial flowers. When choosing a type of flower, consider the deceased's favorite flowers or colors, or what certain flowers represent. You will need to stick flowers into the top of the floral foam, and enough on all four sides that some flowers hang down, creating weight that will prevent the decoration from fall off of the headstone.


The final element to add to your headstone decoration is filler. The purpose of the filler is to make the decoration look fuller and more complete, fill in empty gaps and hide the Popsicle sticks that the photos are tied to. There are many things you can use for filler, including greenery, baby's breath, curly sticks, curled ribbons or bouquet jewelry.

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