Cowboy Magic Show for Kids

by Barbara Bean-Mellinger

Cowboy Magic Shows combine two of children's favorite interests: cowboys and magic tricks. Many entertainers throughout the country identify themselves as "cowboy magicians" and are available to hire for birthday parties and other events. Party and entertainment companies also advertise that they can provide any type of entertainer, including cowboys who can perform a variety of entertainment acts such as magic. So if your area doesn't have a specific "cowboy magician," ask local companies if they have a magician who will don a cowboy hat and spurs and rustle up tricks with a western theme.

For Groups

Cowboy Magicians like Barry Moffitt ( in Lubbock, Texas, perform Cowboy Magic Shows for groups such as schools, companies and organizations. Moffitt's shows are interactive, with volunteers chosen from the audience. He mixes magic with humor and can include a motivational message such as "don't do drugs" or "reading is fun." Or the shows can be just plain fun. He will work with you to make the show you want for your event.

For Parties

A magician like Chip Boyce, aka Cactus Pete, is ideal for children's birthday parties. He comes dressed like a silly cowboy, with his trusting sidekick bunny, Wyatt Burp. Right away everyone knows he's going to be fun. His show includes the gold that cowboys rushed west to find, a buzzard, dynamite and balloon sculptures for every guest. This type of cowboy performs his one-hour show, then says hi-ho and you continue with the rest of the party.

Party Companies

If you don't find Cowboy Magicians in your area, another idea is to contact a company that specializes in children's theme parties, such as Merry Makers ( Their huge list of party themes is just for brainstorming. They'll gladly supply any character you choose, and a magician dressed as a cowboy is surely one they can deliver. Merry Makers will run the whole party, with games, dress-ups, music and more. Other companies only supply the magician, so decide whether you want to plan the rest of the party or turn it over to the party planners.

Amusement Venues

If you live in the Nashville, TN area, you are truly in luck. "A Cowboy Town" ( is a Wild West theme park that just happens to have party packages which can include a cowboy magic show. The Magical Wild West Party package includes hayrides around Kick-A-Poo lake, a comedy gunfight, cowboy music and games, birthday cake and punch in the Rattlesnake Saloon, and a comedy cowboy magic show. Add pizza or hot dogs for an extra fee. After the 2 1/2-hour party, guests can spend the rest of the day in the theme park where they can hike, fish, have a picnic or campfire cookout and much more. If you don't have a western town nearby, check out children's museums, libraries and other venues that may have cowboy magic shows on their calendars.

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