"Cowboy Boogie" Line Dance Step Description

by Michael Monet
Hat and belt-loop holding are stylistic additions in line dancing.

Hat and belt-loop holding are stylistic additions in line dancing.

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Before you head out to the country western club, memorize a few line dances so that you can participate when the party gets going. The "Cowboy Boogie" is a popular line dance that can be performed to a number of popular country songs. Once the simple steps are integrated into your muscle memory, get fancy with a little sass and style.


The steps of the "Cowboy Boogie" begin with two grapevines -- first to the right, then to the left. The grapevine is an alternating step. The right foot steps right, the left foot steps behind, and the right foot steps out again. Grapevine to the left by stepping out to the left, stepping behind with the right, and stepping out with the left again. At the end of each grapevine, scuff with the leading foot -- scuff right when you grapevine right, and scuff left when you grapevine left. Between each grapevine, clap your hands once. In summary, grapevine right-left-right, scuff right and clap; grapevine left-right-left, scuff left and clap. The scuff and the clap happen on the same beat.


After you grapevine left, stomp forward with the right foot and clap. Next, stomp forward with the left and clap. You are now two steps ahead of your starting position. To get back to where you began, walk backwards right, left, right and clap after the last step. The counts for this part of the dance leave off on four and carry on as "five-and-six-and-seven-and-eight-and..." The moves on each count go "stomp right, clap -- stomp left, clap -- walk back right -- walk back left -- walk back right -- clap," respectively. The stomps and claps occur on whole beats, and the backwards steps occur on half beats.

Hip Bumps

Once you've stomped forward, walked three steps backwards and clapped, you complete a series of hip bumps. Bump your hips twice to the left, twice to the right, once to the left, and once to the right. Immediately after your last hip bump, stomp left and scuff right. This right scuff leads you into the transition move.


After scuffing the right foot, hook it over and make a quarter turn and change direction. Just as your foot is going to land, clap once more to end one cycle of the line dance. From here, the line dance begins again with the grapevine right. All together, the dance goes "Grapevine right-left-right, clap; grapevine left-right-left, clap; stomp forward right, clap; stomp forward left, clap; walk back left-right-left, clap; hip bump left twice; hip bump right twice; hip bump left once; hip bump right once; stomp left; scuff right; rotate and clap."


Once you've mastered these steps, put your personal style into the dance. Keep a rhythmic bounce throughout the dance. Stay light on your feet so that you can transition your weight smoothly. Keep your knees slightly bent to help with the bounce and the weight transfer. Grab your cowboy hat, hook your thumb into your belt loop and incorporate rhythmic movements in your torso to complement the steps.

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