County Fair Theme Party Ideas

by Stacy D. Cooper

You don't have to wait until the fair visits your county to celebrate summer with your friends and family. Host a county fair themed party in your backyard. Simply marry your favorite cookout and festival foods with the games and entertainment found at the fair to create a solid foundation for your party. Add guests and a twist of country flair to complete the country fair party theme.


Print county fair invitations on red and white striped paper, inviting guests to attend "The Smith Family County Fair." Include the time, date and location of the event. Attach the invitation to a bag of cotton candy and hand deliver it. Another option is to purchase plastic horseshoes and write the party details on the horseshoe. When guests call to RSVP, ask them to bring the horseshoe with them in exchange for free admittance to the fair.


Cover the tables with red or blue gingham tablecloths to create a country atmosphere. Place fruit baskets filled with ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, salt, pepper and peanuts on every table. Attach blue ribbons on labels next to each food or drink being served at the party. Go crazy with the balloons. Tie balloon bouquets to chairs and tables. Place wild flowers in pails for a splash of color.

Food and Drinks

Most county fairs offer guests a variety of options when it comes to food. You can be traditional and serve corn dogs, hamburgers, funnel cakes and frozen lemonade. You can offer party-goers an eclectic mix of foods such as corn on the cob served on a stick, ribs, chicken kabobs, miniature fruit pies, sweet tea, root beer floats, whoopie pies and apple juice. Be sure to fill coolers with ice to keep bottles of water, milk and soda cold. Set up a hot dog, popcorn and cotton candy stand at different locations in your backyard. The stands serve the dual purpose of feeding guests while decorating the area.


County fairs have a large selection of games that can be played. Recreate games like Pop the Balloon by tacking balloons on a piece of cardboard or plywood. Guests throw darts at the balloons in hopes of winning a prize. Or see how far each guest can spit a watermelon seed with the winner receiving a watermelon. Another idea is to put goldfish in plastic fishbowls and ask guests to toss a ping pong ball into the fishbowl. Winners take home the fishbowl in which their ball landed.

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