Costume Party Game Ideas for Adults

by Brenda Priddy
Adults can play several games at costume parties.

Adults can play several games at costume parties.

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Adult costume parties are typically reserved for Halloween, although sometimes adults throw costume parties just for fun. Just because this is an adult party does not mean you can't offer games for the guests to play. Choose games that most adults would find enjoyable, especially if you serve alcohol at the party.

Costume Contest

At an adult costume party, a costume contest is an absolute must. Have all guests bring $1 or $2 to the party. Collect the money, and divide the money between the best-dressed man and woman at the party. This will give the guests an incentive to take more care with their costumes and provide more fun for everyone. Have an impartial guest be the judge, or allow everyone to vote for their favorite costume.

Mummy Wrap

This is a fun team game that adults will enjoy almost as much as children. Divide the guests into teams of three or four. Give each team several rolls of toilet paper. Within one minute, the adults must try to wrap one teammate in a mummy costume using the toilet paper. The team with the best-wrapped mummy wins the game. You can extend the time limit for this game if you feel that one minute is too little time.

Murder Mystery

For a themed costume party, such as a 1920s party or an 1800s party, an ideal costume game is a murder mystery. These mysteries come in boxes sold at party stores and gaming stores. Each player takes on the persona of a different person at the event where someone was murdered. The guests must work together to determine the criminal. Choose a decade for the mystery that fits in with the costume theme of the party.

Guess the Costume

Ask the guests to dress in costumes that are obscure or not well known. The host collects a list of all of the characters that the guests represent. The guests each get one piece of paper and a list of all the names of the other party guests. The guests must try to work out the identity of all of the other costumes using hints and guesses. The person who gets the most correct answers is the winner.

Costume Relay

This game is best suited for adult parties with more athletic members. Divide the guests into three or four teams. Give each team the same costume to put on. One at a time, the guests must put on the costume, run to the other side of the room, run back and give the costume to the next team member. The first team to have all team members complete the relay wins.

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