Correct Way to Hook Live Blue Crab for Bait

by Rob Kemmett
Avoid getting pinched by the blue crab's claw; the result is painful.

Avoid getting pinched by the blue crab's claw; the result is painful.

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Blue crabs are soft-shelled crabs, which means their exoskeleton isn't hard as a rock. Blue crab is a delicacy for larger fish, so it is a good choice to use as bait. You can easily just slap a blue crab on a hook and hope for the best, but baiting your hook correctly increases your chances of catching fish.

Items you will need

  • Pliers
  • Protective gloves
Step 1

Put on a pair of thick, protective gloves. Blue crabs have sharp pinchers on their claws which are painful if they snap you.

Step 2

Locate the soft spots in the blue crab's exoskeleton. Two soft spots are located about 1/8 of an inch in from the back legs, where the exoskeleton indents. Two more soft spots are located in a similar spot near the front legs.

Step 3

Pierce one of the rear soft spots with the fishing hook. Insert only the tip of the hook.

Step 4

Push the hook upward through the body of the crab until the tip of the hook reaches the front soft spot.

Step 5

Push the hook through the exoskeleton at the front soft spot. The crab should now be secured to the hook.

Step 6

Crush the sides of the crab's exoskeleton with pliers, to free up the juice. The juice of the crab helps attract fish.

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