A Cool Way to Be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween

by Lena Freund
Alice in Wonderland could be reinterpreted as a roaring '20s flapper.

Alice in Wonderland could be reinterpreted as a roaring '20s flapper.

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"Alice in Wonderland" is a story written by Lewis Carroll, in which a young girl named Alice chases a rabbit into its hole and suddenly finds herself in a bizarre world of animals, mad hatters and tea parties. On the cover of the story, Alice is a young blond dressed in a knee-length pastel blue dress with a white apron. As a lot of the gregariousness of Alice's adventures in Wonderland is similar to the gregariousness of the 1920s, an "Alice in Wonderland" Halloween costume could be reinterpreted as a 1920s-style flapper.

Items you will need

  • Dress (blue or blue-and-white)
  • White apron
  • Heels
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Blond hairstyle or wig
  • Friends or family in costume
Step 1

Keep the blue-and-white dress, because this is the visual essence of Alice in Wonderland. However, a flapper dress needs to be short and form-fitting. Flapper dresses were also often sparkly.

Step 2

Try hitting the department stores around homecoming or prom time, when stores stock up on evening dresses. Halloween stores also move into malls for a few months around Halloween; these stores stock flapper dresses. Vintage stores are another possibility for a flapper dress.

Step 3

Use a white apron over your flapper dress to better resemble Alice in Wonderland's dress. Your apron needs to be shorter than your already-short flapper dress.

Step 4

Take your white apron to the cleaners if it is longer than your dress. Many cleaners have seamstresses onsite who can do alterations to garments.

Step 5

Add fishnet stockings, heels and a sparkly headband to your costume; flappers often wore these.

Step 6

Use a wig if you do not already have blond hair. Alice had long blond hair but flappers often wore short, cropped hairstyles. Either hairstyle would be an appropriate combination of "Alice in Wonderland" and flapper style.

Step 7

Pin playing cards, rabbit charms or stuffed versions of the Mad Hatter to your apron so that people understand that you are attempting to be Alice. Alternately, you might ask friends or family to interpret other characters from the book alongside you.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you find someone to dress as the Mad Hatter, instruct that person to engage in long-winded rhetoric or in riddles as the Mad Hatter often did in the book. You could also have the entire cast -- provided you have multiple people interpreting characters -- speaking in riddles. Try mixing adages from the 1920s in with your speech as well. Play swing music to cement the impression.
  • You may have to explain the Alice/flapper combination to many people.

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