What Are Some Cool Items to Have at a Tent Party?

by Jagg Xaxx
Tent parties work well during mild, pleasant weather.

Tent parties work well during mild, pleasant weather.

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A tent party combines an enjoyable social event with the joys of camping. Whether you're planning a child's backyard birthday party or a weekend bash in the wilderness, make your tent party an event to remember. Provide cool items that will complement your party's theme and make your guests' experience more memorable.

Audio Equipment

A party with no music would be a pretty sad affair. Keep the tunes going with a battery-powered boom box if you're out of range of an extension cord. Use detachable speakers so you can put one in each corner of the tent to create a stereo effect. Listen to music all night without repeats. Ask your guests to bring their favorite CDs, or provide a cable so they can attach their digital music players.

Party Food

You can't have a party without food. The possibilities are endless. Take the cultural high road and prepare a feast on site. Grill steaks, ribs or fish. Barbecue chicken or serve kabobs. Take advantage of fresh seasonal vegetables; for example, serve corn on the cob and potatoes baked in the fire's embers. If your guest list includes teenagers who may not appreciate fine cuisine, go the junk food route. Serve hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and soda. Provide graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars so your guests can make s'mores for dessert. Whichever type of food you choose, provide enough of it for everyone.

Squirt Guns

While a pile of squirt guns provides a recipe for chaos, it will certainly add to the fun. If you're going to sleep in the tent, keep the squirt guns outside. Bring a varied selection of small, easily concealed ambush guns, as well as huge soakers that can target someone from 20 yards away. If you plan to have children younger than 12 at your party, collect all the squirt guns before bedtime, or you may be in for a long night of wet attacks and counterattacks.

Sports Equipment

Take advantage of your outdoor venue by bringing along sports equipment. If you're near a lake or pond, provide inner tubes and flotation devices so your guests can relax on the water. Pack a volleyball and net, which can provide hours of entertaining exercise. If you can fit them on top of the car, bring a couple of bicycles so people can explore the surrounding area and get away from the party for a little quiet time.

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