Cool Ideas for "Toy Story" Party Invitations for Kids

by Geoff Hineman Google

From the affable Woody, to the high-flying Buzz Lightyear and beyond, Disney's "Toy Story" characters have become favorites for costumes and party themes. While you can buy standard ready-made "Toy Story" party invitations, with a little creativity you can create your own cool "Toy Story"-themed party invitations.

Character Covers

Print your own invitations featuring characters from "Toy Story" and incorporate your child's name into a "Toy Story" quote. For instance, you could feature Buzz Lightyear with the quote, "To Jamie's Birthday Party and Beyond!" Each character has such a unique personality that you can take advantage of, such as Woody's good-natured speech or Mr. Potato Head's nervousness. Have your child choose her favorite, and go from there.

Character Keepsakes

Send an invitation and more by printing out bookmarks with characters from "Toy Story." Include all the relevant party information on them, such as date, time and address. Have the bookmarks laminated to ensure longevity. As the child uses the bookmark, he will constantly be reminded of the upcoming party.

Pinning Mr. Potato Head

Cut out Mr. Potato Head parts to be used for the party game Pinning Mr. Potato Head. The game works similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, except you pin body parts, such as ears and arms, to a Mr. Potato Head picture. When you send out your Toy Story party invitations, include a body part with each invitation and tell the invitee to bring their body part to the party for a fun game.

Party Animals

It's birthday time; that means it's time for all the party animals to come out and play. The "Toy Story" movies have their own share of party animals, such as Rex the dinosaur, Hamm the pig, Mr. Pricklepants the hedgehog and Slinky Dog. Put any, or all, of these characters on the cover of the invitation, and proclaim that "It's Time for All the Party Animals to Gather for Logan's Birthday!"

Hello Dolly

Dolly is a loveable character, recognizable by her purple hair, bubble eyes and the buttons on her dress. Make a cute multi-media birthday party invitation by printing Dolly onto the front of the invitation and affixing buttons and bubbly eyes with glue.