Conversation Starter Party Games

by Amanda Williams
There are many fun conversation starter party games.

There are many fun conversation starter party games.

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When having a party, one of the most frustrating things that can happen is to have quiet guests that don't mingle. As the party host, it is your job to help guests get to know each other. Keep the party going strong all night with conversation starter party games.

Beach Ball Toss

All over a large beach ball, write numerous questions using a black permanent marker. Include questions such as: "If you won one million dollars, what would you do with the money?", "What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?", "What is your favorite hobby?", "What is something you want to accomplish in the next five years?", "What reality TV show would you go on and why?", "What is your dream job?" and "Where was your favorite vacation and why?" Toss the ball to someone near you. Whichever question is closet to their left thumb is the question they must answer. Toss the beach ball around until everyone has had the chance to answer a few questions.

Human Bingo

On a plain piece of paper, make a bingo sheet with 25 equally-sized squares. In each box, write in a fact, such as "I played sports in high school", "I took a vacation in Hawaii" and "I have a pet cat". Leave the middle square blank for guests to fill in their own fact. Make enough copies of these bingo sheets for each of your party guests. Ask your guests to mingle in order to find people with similar histories and interests. Every time they find someone who shares a similar hobby or history, they put a sticker on top of that square. The first person to get five stickers in a row, column or diagonally wins a prize.

Question Jar

On various pieces of colored and patterned paper, write down numerous conversation starters. "What is your favorite book and why?", "What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?" and "Who inspires you the most and why?" are examples of conversation starters to write down. After you have at least 50 questions, cut them into strips and roll, zig-zag or spiral the slips of paper. Put them into a jar or a bowl. With your guests sitting around in a circle, pass the jar to the person on your right. Ask them to pull a slip of paper from the jar, read it out loud and answer it. Then, they pass it to the next person until everyone gets a turn to answer a question.

Song Game

The song game is a great conversation starter game for larger parties. Purchase a pack of note cards. Pick out at least three popular songs to write lyrics from on the cards.Two or three lines is enough for each card. While guests are talking, hand out a card to each person. The goal of the game is for guests to go around and find other people who also have lyrics of the same song. The first group to form their song gets a prize. For even more fun, have guests line up in order of the lyrics.

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