Contemporary Bridal Shower Invitations

by Rosalind Mohammed
A modern invitation could include a digitally enhanced photograph of the bride.

A modern invitation could include a digitally enhanced photograph of the bride.

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Contemporary bridal shower invitations should be fun and fresh. The old traditions of tea and scones can still make an appearance if desired, but if the bride-to-be has an eclectic, funky personality, a modern bridal shower invitation followed by a fun, different bridal shower makes perfect sense. The invitations themselves have endless options, but one constant is that they should reflect the bride and everything that makes her loved by the attendees of the shower.

Photographic Enhancement

A modern type of bridal shower invitation should be different from the traditional white card with the information printed on it. A great photograph of the bride-to-be that has been altered with some really awesome effects or graphics will make for a fun invitation to her bridal shower. The required information can be printed on the back or at the bottom of the image. She can be posed in a fun way, such as with a feather boa or jumping up in the air. The photograph can even be an older one that guests may recognize from the past, such as a childhood photo.

Digital Invitation

An invitation that is sent through email is very common as it saves paper, postage costs and the expense of printing. An eco-friendly bride-to-be will appreciate this type of invitation sent in her name as there will be no waste, but her friends and family will receive the appropriate information. Simply gather everyone's email, create a gorgeous, fun invitation, and send it out with a request for an email RSVP. The process is simple and costs nothing for the host. This is one of the most contemporary versions of a bridal shower invitation.

Video Invitation

A bride-to-be interested in film will appreciate a video version of a bridal shower invitation sent out to her loved ones. There is no cost for this, provided the host has a video camera. The information can be acted out in a short skit with the bride-to-be and her friends or can simply be a selected slideshow video of favorite moments of her over her lifetime leading up to her wedding. Music and dialogue will provide the soundtrack to this short film, and the guests will love watching the short film to obtain the information to attend the shower.

Card Invitations

If the host cannot resist the simple elegance of the printed invitations that are sent out with stamps and RSVP cards, there is no problem with that. Contemporary bridal shower invitations provide the information, but in a different manner. The cards should still be regular shapes for ease of printing, but the wording and imagery can be eclectic. For example, the invitation could be designed like a movie or theater ticket, a poem or a dialogue from a script. These are all interesting ways to showcase the information the guests require, but in a cool, new way.

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