Construction Pals Party Ideas

by Kyra Sheahan
Set up construction toys to decorate your theme party.

Set up construction toys to decorate your theme party.

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If your child loves everything trucks and bulldozers, throw him a Construction Pals-themed party. Construction Pals are geared toward toddlers and teach young children about the construction world through animated vehicles and other toys. Pull off a successful Construction Pals party by incorporating the theme into various aspects of your planning, from the decorations to the food.

Party Decor

A Construction Pals party calls for the right decor. Begin by decorating with orange construction cones. Set the cones around the birthday table or create a path with them that leads from the driveway to the front door of your home. You can also decorate with Construction Pals banners, plates, utensils, cups, napkins and a blue or yellow tablecloth. Since the primary colors of the Construction Pals are blue and yellow, add blue and yellow balloons to your party area, too. Streamers and confetti in the same color scheme are other appropriate decorative options.


Incorporate activities into your child's Construction Pals party. A Construction Pals pinata is one activity for kids to do outside, along with a race to get from one construction cone to another. For an indoor activity, have the kids help you make Construction Pals cookies out of cookie cutters in the shape of trucks. The adult at the party can use the oven to bake the cookies, and the kids can help eat them afterwards.

Kid Costumes

When hosting a Construction Pals party, it is appropriate to let the kids dress up like construction workers. Prepare in advance by purchasing party hats in the shape of construction hardhats for the children to wear. You might also try to find orange vests.


Keep your dessert in line with the Construction Pals theme. Try to get a Construction Pals image drawn onto the cake by your bakery chef, or find a Construction Pals figurine to place on the top of the cake. Additionally, set orange cone candles into the cake for the birthday child to blow out.

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