Competitive Games for 13-Year-Old Girls to Play at a "Survivor" Party

by Scott Levin

"Survivor" uses a variety of challenges that, when adapted, can provide competition for 13-year-old girls.

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Throwing a "Survivor" party brings friends together to watch the CBS reality show. Adding games and competitions based on the show further enhances the entertainment. Many "Survivor" games can be adapted to your living room or backyard. For 13-year-old girls, develop games based on the show that are competitive but not too physically demanding.


On nearly every season of "Survivor," contestants must compete in a challenge that tests their balance. Players are placed on a narrow beam or block and whoever stays on top the longest wins a reward or immunity. Recreate this challenge at a party for 13-year-old girls. Set up each girl on a small chair or stool. If this becomes too easy, make the girls stand on one leg.


To be the sole survivor, contestants must follow one of the key words of the game: outwit. This typically involves solving a variety of puzzles throughout the game, from sliding word pieces into sentences to forming the "Survivor" logo. Create identical puzzles for every girl at the party. Cut the puzzles into pieces. To mimic "Survivor" even further, place the pieces into a bag sealed with a knot. On your signal, the girls must undo the knot and solve the puzzle as quickly as possible.


For 13-year-old girls who are avid "Survivor" watchers, a friendly game of trivia can be a form of competition at a party. Create a batch of questions pertaining to the show. Formulate a way for the girls to buzz in, such as raising a hand or ringing a bell. Keep in mind that "Survivor" has been on the air since 2000. Make sure the questions are from recent seasons so the girls have a chance at answering them correctly.


Another game played on "Survivor" involves testing a contestant's memory. On the show, contestants might play a game of "Memory," in which pairs of pictures are laid flat in varying spots of a game board. Players pick two pieces at a time trying to form pairs. Another "Survivor" memory game consists of host Jeff Probst showing players a series of pictures. Contestants must then repeat the series in order. At a party, create and play these games using "Survivor"-themed photos or logos.

Relay Obstacle Course

For an ambitious outdoor "Survivor" game, create an obstacle course in your backyard or a nearby park. Obstacle course relays are frequent competitions on "Survivor" when the members are in two teams. Possible obstacles for 13-year-old girls can be jumping over cones or crawling under ropes. You can also incorporate other games, such as puzzles, to finish off the course.

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