Compatibility of Moon Signs With Sun Signs

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Astrologers believe that the moon governs inner needs and character while the sun represents the outer personality and the expression of individuality and desires. People with a compatible sun and moon combination find it easier to express themselves and make themselves understood by others, while an incompatible sun and moon combination might cause inner conflict because the personality is continuously being torn in different directions.


The compatibility of sun and moon signs is determined by which of the air, fire or water elements they are placed in. Air and fire sun and moon signs mix well together, as do earth and water sun-moon combinations. However, according to astrologers, air and fire signs are incompatible with earth and water signs. A sun in moon sign in the same element is another harmonious combination.

Incompatible Combinations

People whose sun and moon are in incompatible elements may experience difficulty reconciling conflicting aspects of their personalities. Someone whose sun is in fiery, dramatic Leo but whose moon is in earthy, prudent Capricorn, for example, may have difficulty deciding whether to go out and paint the town red on a Saturday night. His inner Capricorn might want to stay home and catch up on some work, saving a few bucks into the bargain, while his outer Leo wants to put on his finery and sing Sinatra songs at the local karaoke bar.

Compatible Combinations

When the moon and sun signs are in the same, or compatible, elements, your inner needs are harmoniously aligned with the way you express them through your sun sign. Someone with a Pisces-Virgo moon and sun combination, for example, can combine watery Pisces' innate sensitivity and imagination with Virgo's discriminating eye for detail. Virgo adds a touch of conscientiousness to Pisces' ethereal ways, urging her to stop daydreaming and get some work done.


Having an incompatible sun-moon sign combination simply means that someone might have to work harder at integrating his personality's different elements. The good news is that this can give you the incentive to achieve great things, according to Skygrooves Astrology. People with compatible sun and moon signs tend to feel more at peace with themselves and the world, but they may not be as motivated and ambitious.

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