Compatibility Between Sagittarius Males & Pisces Females

by Claudia Stanic
Zodiac signs are based on the alignment of the stars when a person is born.

Zodiac signs are based on the alignment of the stars when a person is born.

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Pisces women are those born between February 19 and March 20, while men who enter the world from November 22 through December 21 are Sagittarius. The two signs demonstrate many opposing characteristics that can make a relationship challenging. If the Sagittarius man and the Pisces female can establish good lines of communication and truly love each other, they may be able to overcome these challenges.


Sagittarius is a fire sign, which means males of this sign often stand out and take charge of situations. Sagittarius men exude energy and love to communicate. They socialize frequently and tend to keep many friends. Sagittarius males can earn reputations as bad boys since they often avoid commitment. Instead, the free-spirited Sagittarius man moves from one flirtation to the next as he seeks continual fun and excitement. Once in love, Sagittarius men are passionate and kind. They love spontaneity and seek mysterious women who can sustain their interest.


Pisces is a dreamy water sign. Female Pisces concern themselves with feelings and they enjoy deep conversations about life. Daily ups and downs can stress female Pisces out, since they feel everything very deeply. Sometimes, they seek privacy to sort out their thoughts and emotions. Female Pisces can often sense the needs of others and work to make those close to them happy. Female Pisces fit easily into the nurturing woman role and they enjoy strong men who take care of them. Pisces women are often vulnerable to outside influences.


A Sagittarius man, with his free-spirited roaming nature, seeks a woman who will keep him captivated and not reveal her secrets in favor of maintaining mystery. A Pisces woman would likely sense that her Sagittarius man doesn't want to be tied down. Pisces women, who live to please, would not try to ask more of her man than he is willing to give. If she wants more, problems could arise in the relationship. However, if she is satisfied with how the relationship is progressing, the two could enjoy happiness.


To stay happy in their relationship, the blunt Sagittarius man must be careful not to hurt his emotional girlfriend's feelings. Pisces women, who live to nurture, must take care not to suffocate her Sagittarius boyfriend. Sagittarius loves to socialize while the Pisces female enjoys privacy and so the two must strike an agreement about the frequency of their social engagements. Fights can erupt between Sagittarius men and Pisces females since they have, at the core, different personalities. Sagittarius men are often hearty, boisterous and adventure seeking while Pisces women can be emotionally fragile and pensive. If the two truly love each other and work through their differences, they can enjoy a loving relationship.

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