A Comparison of High-Speed Internet in Las Vegas, Nevada

by Josh Patrick
For many tourists and newlyweds, Las Vegas is an oasis in the desert.

For many tourists and newlyweds, Las Vegas is an oasis in the desert.

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Las Vegas has more to offer than casinos and resorts. Many people live and work in Las Vegas and naturally expect the best possible services and utilities. Several Internet service providers offer packages to Las Vegas residents. Budget analysis and needs assessment are the two primary considerations when selecting an Internet package.


Cox provides cable TV, voice and high-speed Internet services in select cities, including Las Vegas. New subscribers are encouraged to bundle two or three of these services together, simplifying their monthly bills and saving money in the process. Cox offers Internet services with speeds from 3 Mbps up to 50 Mbps. A security suite from McAfee offers strong defense against viruses and malware. All Cox subscribers receive ESPN3, an online sports network featuring live games and events.


With speeds ranging from 768 Kbps to 10 Mbps, CenturyLink believes it has a plan to suit most users. CenturyLink's DSL service provides a dedicated connection with consistent speed. Subscribers have a menu of features to add to their service plan. A digital music store offers the ability to access songs and albums from anywhere. For protection from viruses, subscribers can sign up for a PC security suite or online backup. CenturyLink operates technical support lines to help customers sort through any hardware or software issues. (see References 2

Cricket Wireless

Cricket provides Basic, More and Premium wireless Internet plans to residents of Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada. Each plan comes with monthly data limit, ranging from 2.5 GB for the Basic package up to 7.5 GB for the Premium option. All Cricket plans feature download speeds of 1.4 Mbps under ideal conditions. Subscribers must purchase a USB modem or wireless-ready device to gain access to Cricket's network.


Clear provides 4G wireless Internet access within the city of Las Vegas. Both Home and Mobile plans are available. Micro plans limit subscribers to 200 MB of usage each day, but all other plans are limitless. The Home Basic plan features a top download speed of 1.5 Mbps, while the next tier of service advertises no speed limitations. Subscribers can bundle Home and Mobile plans as well as voice services and potentially save money.

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