Comparison of DSL in Houston

by Earl Smith
DSL companies offer fast Internet connectivity without tying up the phone line.

DSL companies offer fast Internet connectivity without tying up the phone line.

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Fast connectivity and more glitch-free Internet connections keep surfers happy. Houston DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) companies offer both. Consumers can get DSL connectivity for a range of monthly subscriptions. Also expect to pay a one-time activation fee. People interchangeably refer to DSL Internet as high-speed Internet. DSL Internet transmits data over phone lines in the home or business. DSL uses the unused bandwidth of existing phone lines so there is no need to add a separate line in residences and businesses that have phone service. DSL users surf online and use their phone at the same time.


Oplink offers Internet users three packages. Standard DSL downloads at 1.5 Mbps. Advanced DSL downloads at three Mbps. Premium downloads at six Mbps. Each package comes with unlimited usage.


AT&T; offers DSL Internet at speeds from 758 Kbps to six Mbps and connects to the home or business phone. With several packages available, customers can sign up for Wi-Fi access, send photos and listen to music and stream videos and movies. Unlike Oplink which primarily offers Internet service, AT&T; customers can bundle DSL Internet with AT&T; phone service.


Comcast offers DSL Internet at speeds between four Mbps and 15 Mbps. Like AT&T;, Comcast offers bundles that combine Internet connection with digital cable and or digital voice. Houston consumers can download large files, download music and photos, play music, play games and watch online video.


Verizon offers consumers two DSL Internet packages through phone lines, High Speed Internet and High Speed Internet Enhanced. Connecting at speeds between .5 Mbps and one Mbps, the High Speed Internet package is recommended for casual Internet users and for downloading photos and music. The Enhanced package works for heavy DSL Internet users and homes with multiple users on different computers. Similar to AT&T; and Comcast, Verizon Internet customers can combine Verizon's phone service with Internet service.

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