Compare Local Phone Providers in Georgia

by Laurie Scott

Many Georgia home phone providers allow users to compare their plans, offers, or promotional specials with other leading local phone service providers on their website. When comparing local phone providers in Georgia, consider the various calling features and plans that use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP is a new way to make or receive calls through a high-speed Internet connection.


AT&T; offers a wide selection of phone options, including basic and custom home phone services in Georgia. AT&T; phone service provides traditional voice mail, unlimited local and long distance calling plans that can be purchased separately or combined into one package. AT&T; U-Verse Voice is a digital phone service that offers several features, such as Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, Caller ID, Call Waiting ID, and many others.


Comcast XFINITY Voice offers its customers a traditional, digital phone service with unlimited local and long-distance calling in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It also includes 12 popular call features, such as Call Waiting, Call Screening, and Call Forwarding.


Lingo is an Internet phone service that allows users in Georgia to make calls with their existing high-speed Internet connection. Potential customers must choose a home or office plan before signing up for the service. Lingo uses your broadband connection to make and receive calls. According to, Lingo offers low monthly rates and a long list of features that will appeal especially to international callers. The Lingo Smart Talk home phone plan offers unlimited calling throughout the United States and over 45 countries.

dPi Teleconnect

DPi Teleconnect offers local phone and long distance bundle plans in Georgia. DPi's mission is to offer Pay As You Go prepaid local home phone packages at affordable prices. Unlike most telecom companies, dPi Connect does not require credit checks, deposits, and contracts, or identification from its customers.

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