How to Compare Cable TV Companies in Michigan

by Jule Pamplin

Cable subscribers are limited by the choices available in their residential area. Nationwide digital cable competition does not exist, so customers will often have to choose from what is available to their specific location. In Michigan, customers can choose from a host of regional authorized dealers of major national service providers or directly through the major companies. When comparing cable TV service companies, you should take into account which services are important to you and your family as well as the amount you are willing or capable of spending for service.

Step 1

Find which cable TV service providers are available in your area. Check the local phone listings under "Utilities" or consult neighbors to get a grasp on the options available to you.

Step 2

Contact the available service providers to find what promotions are available at the time you are planning to have your service connected. Often, providers new to the area will offer limited-time pricing discounts or upgrades in service packages to establish themselves in the new market.

Step 3

Determine whether the cost of the service provider's package you are considering will save you money if you switch your phone and Internet service as well. Time Warner and Comcast are two of the cable TV service providers in Michigan that offer bundling packages to combine cable TV and phone or cable, phone and Internet.

Step 4

Compare the standard pricing for the package you want. Some cable TV providers will require a contract. When the introductory or promotional rates expire, you will be obligated to pay the standard rates. If one company offers a lower introductory rate than another but costs more after the promotional period, you will need to weigh the cost balance and determine whether the short-term savings are worth it.

Step 5

Compare the speed of the Internet service offered by the respective cable companies. Internet service speed and cost varies among cable TV providers. The speed of the Internet service will not affect the cable TV service performance but will help in choosing between companies with which you may bundle the two.

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