Compare Cable Services in Georgia

by Cheryl Munson
Georgians can choose from the largest cable service providers in the country.

Georgians can choose from the largest cable service providers in the country.

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Georgia residents can select from the best cable television service providers in the United States. From the mountains of North Georgia to the Gulf Coast shores of Southeastern Georgia, there is a cable company to get you and your family hooked up with just the right package to fit your entertainment needs. Your zip code will be the key to opening the gateway to explore available packages and services on individual company websites.

Greater Metropolitan Atlanta

Residents living in the 13 counties that make up the greater metropolitan Atlanta area have the largest selection of cable providers in Georgia. All of the major cable companies are ready, willing and able to install cable service in your home. Comcast and AT&T; vie for your cable dollars with their Xfinity (Comcast) and U-verse (AT&T;) cable service bundles. You can watch in one room, record in another and access thousands of movies and programs on their video on demand channels. Dish Network and Direct TV are the ones to look at for money-saving satellite services and extensive sports programming. Charter provides services to certain areas in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Use your zip code to see what's available.

Southeast Georgia and the Colonial Coast

The southeastern regions include the lovely city of Savannah, tiny Tybee Island and the Golden Isle towns of St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island and Sea Island. Dish Network, Direct TV and Comcast are the largest providers in this region. However, AT&T; U-verse availability is somewhat spotty and you will have to enter your zip code to see if the service is available. Compare special offers for bundled services and look for companies that provide free High Definition (HD) television services in Southeast Georgia.

Central and Middle Georgia

Central Georgia includes major cities such as Macon, Warner Robins and Fort Valley (home of Fort Valley State University). The major cable providers in this region are Direct TV, Dish Network, Comcast and AT&T.; Satellite service providers almost always offer hefty discounts. For example, Comcast and AT&T; offer special bundles and features to access a DVR while you are at work to record shows to watch when you get home. Check each company to find the best offer.

North Georgia

People who live in North Georgia have two things going for them: beautiful, mountainous scenery and satellite cable services to keep themselves entertained when they are indoors. Major cities in North Georgia include Athens (home of the University of Georgia, Blue Ridge), Dalton and Blairsville. Dish Network and Direct TV are popular choices with North Georgia residents. Having a satellite system provides good signal reception even if you live in mountainous areas. However, if satellite is not your thing, go with Comcast for underground cable transmission. All three companies offer HD, extensive programming (up to 350 channels) and the ability to bundle your services to include high-speed Internet.

Southwest Georgia

Southwest Georgia (SOWEGA) is a 14-county region. Its major city is Albany, home of the University of Georgia, Albany. Dish Network, Direct TV and Comcast all provide service in SOWEGA. Packages, bundles and channel choices are comparable to the services these companies provide in other areas of Georgia.

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