Common Decorations for a Quinceanera

by Susan Reynolds

The quinceanera celebration is a huge bash for a girl turning 15 years old. While the girl is the focus of the party, the decorations should also look extravagant. The hall where the party is held usually looks like a combination of a wedding reception and a prom dance.


The traditional colors for a quinceanera include white and light pink. This color combination is best for a Cinderella- or princess-themed party. It is very feminine, delicate and ethereal. Almost all of your decorations should adhere to a color theme. The napkins, tablecloths, ribbons, flowers, cake and balloons should match in color. Black and white is another trendy theme for sophisticated girls or those who eschew the color pink. These days, girls can theme their parties as "punk" or "princess" and everything in between.


The balloons should match the color theme of the party. Ideally, the balloons will cover the entire ceiling of the reception hall. Attach strings to the balloons or let them float freely. Use to make archways at the entrance to the hall. Fill them with helium, tie them together in one long chain and anchor them to the floor. Attach a balloon to each table. Many companies specialize in creating balloon archways for parties.


The quinceanera reception hall is usually decorated with dim lights to give an intimate glow for nighttime parties. String mini white Christmas lights all over the reception hall and around the tables, as well as columns or archways. Candles also provide a lot of intimate lighting at each table. Buy LED candles that won't be a fire hazard. They are lit by small batteries that last for hours at a time without getting hot.


Like weddings, many quinceanera parties use flowers as decor. Place flowers on cakes and around the food tables. Each table may have a flower centerpiece. Of course, the flowers should match the color theme for the party. Real flowers, not fake ones, must be used. The sweet scent will add to the ambiance of the party. The girl for whom the party is being thrown usually carries a bouquet of flowers for the photo shoots.

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