Comical Party Themes

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For those about to laugh, we salute you.

For those about to laugh, we salute you.

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If you're ready to throw a party that is sure to tickle the funny bones of your guests, a number of creative themes could help you properly set the mood. In fact, deciding the theme is usually the first order of business, as you can then organize the props, food and guest list around it. Whether you base your party on a popular TV show or throw a roast in the honor of a retiring boss, the overall theme provides the framework for your next comical bash.


For a retiring boss or a monumental birthday such as a 40th or beyond, you may opt to hold a roast for the guest of honor. These roasts include several participants who use their own brand of humor to make jokes at the guest of honor's expense. They don't have to be insults, but if the person in question is a good sport with a good sense of humor, those can be a lot more fun and memorable. These can take place at a dinner party, where alcohol may help fill in the blanks of any jokes that bomb.

The Time Machine

Costume parties allow your guests to really get into the theme, and never more so than a party theme based on funky blasts from the past. Dig out your bell bottoms and platform shoes for a disco-themed party complete with a gigantic glitter ball and music from your guilty pleasures collection, such as the Bee Gees and ABBA. For a more radical party, break out your parachute pants and your Members Only jacket for an '80s extravaganza. For kicks, offer prizes from the decade, like a Pet Rock or Rubik's Cube, for the best costume/character or dance moves.

Clothing Optional

For an adults only celebration, throw an Anything But Clothes party. These are a hit for the college-aged crowd. Like the title suggests, you and your guests can wear anything to the party except for what technically qualifies as clothes. Get inventive with cardboard or even tape, but just be careful when you take off your "costume." Surgical gauze turns you into a mummy, whereas purple balloons transform you into a bunch of grapes. Anything goes, like newspaper, sticky notes, beer and pizza boxes and even bubble wrap.

Game Show Fun

If you have a bigger budget and can invest in materials to make your theme really stand out, host your own game show party. This is a comical and competitive way for your guests to participate in party games. Rent a karaoke machine for an "American Idol" night, where you can even appoint your own "Simon" to deliver scathing, but hilarious, critiques. Host your own "Let's Make a Deal" complete with "zonk" prizes doled out to the most outrageously costumed participants. If you're hosting a reunion, throw your own version of "Family Feud."

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