Comedy Web Show Ideas

by Chris Brower
The web makes it easy to share your own wacky brand of comedy.

The web makes it easy to share your own wacky brand of comedy.

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The web offers many possibilities for aspiring comedians to have their own show. Web shows are often done on a low budget and can be put online quickly. You can use professional actors or just your friends, but however you approach the show, you need a good idea for a premise. A premise is what entices people to check out a show. Look at web comedy shows you like and pay attention to the techniques they use to show their characters and get laughs.

Dinner Time

This premise is simple: Each episode is a family sitting down to eat dinner and something hilarious happens. Family dinners are notorious for arguments and surprises. This can give plenty of material for a comedy web show. In one episode the food could be disgusting, in another an argument breaks out between the kids, and in still another, the food starts talking. To film this, place a camera on a tripod, or have it held by someone near the table. Do close-ups to get the reactions of each member at the dinner table.

Exercise Mishaps

Exercise equipment can be confusing. This can lead to a lot of comedy as the actors struggle to use exercise equipment correctly. Film this in public, placing the camera up high as if it was a surveillance camera. Record the odd looks other exercisers give the actor when he rides an exercise bike backward, or does nothing but a log roll on a treadmill.


Pets can provide a lot of humor. If you have a pet in your home, there are a number of ways you could use the animal to create a show. Film your pet and add voices as if your pet talks, using a close-up of its face, as in a TV interview. Act out the imagined dreams your sleeping dog is having, filming the sleeping dog and then the imagined dreams. Film your cat playing the piano or doing other human actions.

Family Court

Using your family members, create a show in which they are on trial for hilarious charges. Dad's looking at 10-15 years for hogging the remote. Your sister is being threatened with community service for spraying hairspray in the house. Your brother's on trial for stealing cookies. Make a courtroom in your house and have other family members pose as judges, lawyers and witnesses. Model the show after courtroom scenes you've seen on TV with arguments, the judge using the gavel repeatedly, a security guard restraining the defendant and emotional but comedic testimony from the witnesses and people on trial.


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