How to Do a Comedy Magic Show

by Jeffery Keilholtz
Building a successful comedy and magic show takes work, but with proper structure and organization, you can make your performance sing.

Building a successful comedy and magic show takes work, but with proper structure and organization, you can make your performance sing.

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Building a successful comedy and magic show takes work. The combination of these two elements -- comedy and magic -- requires proper structure and organization to make the performance sing. Get creative in your planning, and practice your act regularly so that you have plenty of material from which to choose. Work for a fast-paced show that will never bore your audience or lull in its rhythm. Showcase your show to family and friends once your act is complete.

Items you will need

  • Jokes
  • Music
  • Magic wand
  • Top hat
  • Handkerchief
  • Deck of cards
  • Coins
  • Blindfold
Step 1

Craft the opener. Use quick magic tricks that will enrapture the audience's attention immediately. Execute a vanishing-quarter trick. Move your palms -- hands open, face down -- over a quarter three times. Snap the front of the quarter on the third pass to flick the coin away to make it seem as if you made it disappear. Flicking the coin right on the front rim will shoot the coin backward faster than the naked eye can see. Keep all these tricks brisk and lively. Stay silent -- playing only background music -- during your opener to add intrigue and mystique to the work.

Step 2

Create the body of the show. Introduce the show verbally -- explain who you are and the progression of tricks, if necessary. Keep your language suitable to the audience, and stay energetic at all times. Make all of your jokes complement the trick you are doing, and set a light-and-enjoyable tone for the show. Perform a trick where you change an article of clothing extremely fast, for example, and preface it with the joke: "Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine." Use card tricks and long-form magic tricks during this section. Make the audience laugh by finishing with a one-liner like: "That trick was so fantastic it made Stevie Wonder." Ask for audience participation during the body of the show to add to the appeal. Memorize quips like these and others from the Jokes page on

Step 3

Plan the finale. Make this the point where your finest comedic and magic material come together. Round out stories or joke themes you have established throughout the show. Unleash your most-sophisticated and spectacular trick to complete the show. Consider using pyrotechnics or a light design, if possible, to enhance the ambiance. Make your show end with a bang, leaving your audience wanting more. Keep the entire length of your show -- from beginning to end -- no longer than 30 or 45 minutes. Purchase and examine books such as "Big Book of Magic Tricks," by Karl Fulves, or "101 Easy-to-Do Magic Tricks," by Bill Tarr, for magic show inspiration.

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