Collage Project for Kids

by Iam Jaebi
A collage of numbers.

A collage of numbers.

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A collage is a visual art form that combines several small elements to make something larger. In a collage, groups of items are combined to form multicolored arrangements of abstract or recognizable shapes. The freestyle format of collages make it an ideal introduction to art and composition for kids and is relatively easy for all stages of learners to complete with pleasing results.

Outdoor Collage

The outdoor collage is an activity best suited for younger children who are beginning to learn about things seen in nature, such as trees, leaves and acorns. This activity happens in two distinct parts. The first part is exploring a location, such as a park or camp site, where kids can find and pick a variety of outdoor elements. The second part is the composition of the collage. The outdoor collage benefits from use of large card stock or poster board because nature consists of rough and relatively heavy items like acorns and rocks.

Family Collage

The concept of a collage is easy to explain with a "close to the heart" project such as a family collage. This type of collage can take on two primary forms. In one incarnation, children use markers and coloring pencils and assorted crafts materials to draw family members on a poster board. The second method is to have kids use pictures of the family to form a larger collage photo. In this method, children need to have permission to alter the family photo because pictures must be cut and altered to become a part of the collage.

Cool and Warm Color Collages

Ideal for children grades six and up, the cool and warm color collage project gives kids an introduction to abstract art. As a learning exercise, provide children with an example of cool and warm colors, then challenge them to put together unique collages using colors found in magazines. Older kids who understand color composition will try to outdo one another, composing intricate designs that make a nice addition to school halls or events.

Film Collage

Best suited for high school students, the film collage, or montage, is a project for those with an interest in film, media and storytelling. As a learning project, the film collage is an ideal platform to teach the elements of film making and storytelling with a tangible outcome. Students who know the basics of film making can delve deeper to practice and fine tune advanced techniques. Film collages require some basic equipment such as point-and-shoot digital video cameras and consumer-level film editing software.

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