Coed Party Ideas for Teenagers

by Kate Bradley
Teens just want to have fun with their friends.

Teens just want to have fun with their friends.

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Planning a coed party for teens doesn't have to be stressful or difficult. The options for an entertaining and age-appropriate party are many and varied. You can throw a coed party that will satisfy both guys and girls. The key is planning themes and activities that everyone can enjoy.

Games Parties

Make it a night filled with games. Set up folding tables, decorate your venue like a casino and stage a teen poker tournament. Play for chocolate candies. For teens who don't know how to play, have another adult on hand to run a tutorial table. Or set up five or six round tables throughout your venue and have a different game at every table--for example, "Scrabble" at one table and "Cranium" at another. Rotate every 20 minutes so guests can play a different game with other players.

Out and About

Reserve a section of tables at a teen dance club and let the guys and girls dance the night away. Or throw the party at a large theme park and start during the day. At night, gather all the guests in the food court area and watch fireworks together. You could also take the teens out for laser tag or paintball. The physical activity can help teens relieve stress and burn calories while having a good time.

Theme Parties

Stay home and throw a theme party everyone can enjoy. For a nostalgic "Americana" party, hang vintage World War II posters and play big-band music, swing or jazz and encourage dancing. Serve burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes and soda. Another option is to throw a Mardi Gras party. Decorate with green, royal purple and gold. Paint a French Quarter backdrop on a large piece of cardboard and pass out party beads and masks to all the guests. Serve "mocktails" and Creole finger foods and play zydeco music.

Other Party Ideas

Take the teens to a mall and set them loose on a scavenger hunt adventure. Plan the hunt beforehand with pop-culture clues, split guests into teams and check that every team has at least one camera phone. Reunite at the food court for cheap eats. Or take the guests for a mini daytime cruise on a rented boat. Let them snorkel, swim and enjoy refreshments all day. Don't forget the sunscreen.

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