Coed Bridal Shower Themes

by Rebecca Brogdon
Coed showers let the groom be a part of the festivities.

Coed showers let the groom be a part of the festivities.

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Wedding showers aren't only for brides anymore. While it is certainly still appropriate to host a bridal shower for the bride and her friends, coed showers that involve the groom and his buddies are becoming a trend. Couples showers offer a chance for the groom to be a part of the pre-wedding festivities and include him in the receiving of gifts. Now, men can justify registering for that widescreen TV or electric drill they have been wanting!

Honey Do

A "honey do" shower focuses on household tasks and chores that the couple will be responsible for in their new home. Each invitation should include a category of gift to bring. Attach a small card to the invitation that says "Honey, do ____." Fill in the blank with "work on the lawn," "make my favorite meal," "make the bed," or "rub my back." Guests then bring a gift to fit the description on their card. For example, a gift for "Honey, do make the bed" might be a set of sheets. Be creative and tailor tasks to the couple's needs.

Stock the Pantry

Every newlywed couple will spend the first few months stocking the kitchen and pantry. Help them with this task by hosting a "stock the pantry" shower. Ask guests to bring staples of non-perishable foods to the shower. Gifts also could include canisters and containers to store the food or a label maker to label the containers. Consider giving recipes with the non-perishable ingredients put together in a basket for the couple.

Every Room of the House

For this shower, guests will each be assigned a room of the house. They should bring a gift that corresponds to that room. For example, a guest assigned the kitchen could give a coffee pot or set of dishes as a gift. Someone assigned the garage could bring a tool set. Include where the couple is registered in the invitation so guests can purchase items the couple needs. Be sure to include the garage, tool shed or media room on invitations so the groom can enjoy the gifts as well.


An outdoor theme is an excellent way to help the couple fill their outdoor, grilling and patio needs. If weather permits, have the shower outside in a backyard, park or at a pool. Guests should bring things the couple can use outdoors; grilling tools, outdoor furniture, gardening tools and outdoor games are examples. If the couple is registered at a home improvement store and has several outdoor items on their list, be sure to let guests know in advance.

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