Clues for Treasure Hunt Party Games for Kids

by Andy Klaus
Treasure hunt party games are an entertaining event for birthday celebrations.

Treasure hunt party games are an entertaining event for birthday celebrations.

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The best children's birthday parties are memorable events with plenty of entertaining activities for everyone. Treasure hunt party games provide lively group entertainment with one or more rewards along the way. The greatest challenge for the person coordinating these games is to create a set of clues that are interesting enough to engage the partygoers while simple enough to maintain an a brisk pace of exploration.

Themed Clues

Most children have an hobby or activity that tickles their fancy. Keying your clues to a favorite cartoon, comic or toy immediately makes them more relevant to the child's interests. For example, if the kid likes Pokemon, use clues that reference her favorite creature, such as "Look near the place where the Squirtles can play" to reference a clue hidden near a wading pool or "Seek the color of the Charizard's skin" to refer to a clue or present hidden under a traffic cone.

Clues in Poetry

The popularity of Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss is hardly an accident. Kids find reading poetry an interesting activity in its own right. You can include poetry in a treasure hunt game in several ways. You can include excerpts from kids' favorite poems in the context of a clue, such as using lines from "Poet's Tree" to refer to a clue hidden at the foot of a tree. You can also write your own poems in the style of a children's rhyme to offer clues to a hidden prize.

Puzzle Clues

To create an interesting trial for the treasure-seeking party gamer, make the clues themselves a challenge all their own. For example, paste your treasure hint to a thin sheet of cardboard and cut it into shapes like a jigsaw puzzle in a small pouch for the participants to put together before they can move on. The hint can be a simple set of words, or even a picture that leads to the next clue.

Rebus Puzzle Clues

Rebus puzzles make fun challenges for a treasure hunt clue. Create rebus puzzles by taking pictures and letters to make words. For example, you can take a picture of a ball plus a moon followed by "- M" to represents balloon (ball + moon - M = balloon). Use images a child will find interesting or silly, such as pictures from comics, old children's books or from websites dedicated to a favorite hobby. If you are uncertain of your skill at creating them, you can find a number of rebus puzzles via a simple web search.

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