Closest Movie Theaters to Ellenwood, Georgia

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Several movie theaters are near Ellenwood, Georgia.

Several movie theaters are near Ellenwood, Georgia.

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Ellenwood is a community of about 30,000 residents in the Atlanta, Georgia, metro area. With its unincorporated land spreading into Clayton, Dekalb and Henry counties, Ellenwood is within easy driving distance to several movie theaters.

Within 5 Miles

The AMC Southlake 24 theater ( is about four miles southwest of Ellenwood, in Morrow. The theater features IMAX and RealD 3-D technology for feature films. The facility has an automated box office, online ticketing, stadium seating, theater rentals and free parking available. As of the time of publication, regular adult movie tickets are $10.50, and matinees starting before 3:55 p.m. are $8.50 for adults.

Within 10 Miles

Decatur is the county seat of Dekalb County, Georgia. It is also the home to Phoenix Big Cinemas South Dekalb Stadium 12 (, about 7 miles northeast of Ellenwood. The theater features a jazz lounge with drinks and dining options. It is located at the Gallery of South Dekalb mall. Regular ticket prices are $9.50 for adults, with matinees, starting before 6 p.m., at $6.50, at the time of publication.

10 to 15 Miles

Those willing to drive 10 to 15 miles from Ellenwood can choose from a number of additional theaters. The AMC Stonecrest 16 movie theater ( is in Lithonia, about 12 miles northeast of Ellenwood. Ticket prices are the same as at Southlake, with regular adult admission priced at $10.50, as of the time of publication. Other theaters within this range include: Great Escape McDonough 16 (, which is 11 miles southeast of Ellenwood and charges $10 for a regular adult ticket; Cinemark Movies 10 and Cinemark Tinseltown 17 (, both 12 to 13 miles to the southwest in Fayetteville; and Plaza Theater (, Movies ATL ( and Regal Cinema (, all in Atlanta, 12 to 14 miles northwest of Ellenwood.

Museum and Theater

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History (, with what is billed as the biggest screen in town and an IMAX theater, is about 15 miles from Ellenwood, going northwest into Atlanta. Tickets can be ordered online at the museum's website, or by calling the theater at 404-929-6400. As of the time of publication, regular IMAX ticket prices are $13 for adults. A Value Pass offers a discount on museum attractions and an IMAX film, and there is also a group discount for purchasing 10 or more movie tickets.

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