Cleopatra Costumes for Halloween

by Samantha Kemp
Don't forget jewelry to complete the Cleopatra look.

Don't forget jewelry to complete the Cleopatra look.

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Cleopatra was the Queen of the Nile, the last Egyptian pharaoh and a woman whose legacy has been passed down for centuries. She was known for exuding beauty and sensuality, so you will have to channel your inner diva to create your own Halloween Cleopatra costume complete with dress, makeup, jewelry and accessories.


Your dress should be the starting item for your Cleopatra costume. You have several options for the dress, including altering an existing dress, draping fabric, using aluminum foil or making an embellished toga. The color of the dress should be white, gold or silver. Wrap an embellished belt or braided rope around your waist and add fabric to the top of the dress to cover part of your neck and shoulders. These two pieces should be luxurious, so add plenty of glitter and stones. You can also add arm cuffs with patterned ribbon.


Your hairstyle is an important factor in your Cleopatra costume. Your hair can be either short or long, but it should definitely be black. Straight hair works best, but a bob is also an appropriate hairstyle for a Cleopatra costume. Use a wig or temporary hair paint spray to achieve the color if you're not naturally black-haired. Add beads to your hair or achieve the look with a luxurious, beaded headpiece. A crown is another appropriate option, especially with a snake mold on it.


Cleopatra was known for wearing a great deal of expensive jewelry. Your costume should emulate this. Wear a large, beaded necklace or amulet, earrings and gold rings. You may also wear a gold bracelet or anklet.


Your makeup should lean toward the extreme. Couple a smooth foundation with a bronzer. Eyeshadow should be dark blue, gray or black. Add glitter to the eyeshadow for an extra punch. Eyeliner should be black and emphasized. Lipstick or lip gloss that is red or pink is appropriate for your Cleopatra costume. Paint your fingernails and toenails in a shade that matches your dress or its embellishments.


Finish your Cleopatra costume with carefully chosen accessories. Gladiator or leather sandals are appropriate for the historical era. Shoes that have glitter or coordinate with the color of your dress make the costume cohesive. You may want to add a cape or fabric that flows to the sides of your dress. Hold a scepter to exert more power with your costume. Construct a chair made out of a wooden box and fabric. Decorate cardboard cutouts of Egyptian slaves and glue them near the box to give the appearance of men carrying you on your throne.

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